Cloud-based Healthcare Analytics Company Expands Solutions and Customers

d2i is a cloud-based healthcare analytics solutions firm that’s on the move. The company provides an unparalleled data analytics application that aggregates, harmonizes and enriches diverse data sources to some of the largest hospital emergency departments (ED) in the United States. The company currently extracts Electronic Health Record (EHR) data into their environment for over 240 hospitals. d2i knows technology, inside and out.

Helping medical facilities manage their incredible amounts of data, most of which is subject to strict privacy regulations, is an important part of d2i’s business model. For example, their data warehouse includes information on more than 21 million emergency department (ED) visits and they are adding data on more than 700,000 ED visits a month.

When this industry-leading firm needed a platform to provide state-of-the-art dashboards and reports to fast-paced EDs, where every data analytics decision is timecritical, d2i turned to Protiviti.

The company was in need of cloud technology that would reduce costs for hosting SAP® BusinessObjects and also needed consulting expertise on extract, transform and load (ETL) functions, dashboard development and reporting. In addition, d2i wanted a way to consolidate data safely and securely. Finally, they required periodic system support from a partner that recognised the sensitive, yet incredibly fast-paced nature of their business and solution.

Leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform, Protiviti partnered with d2i to implement an SAP BusinessObjects dashboard and reporting solution. Protiviti provided best practices on deploying the AWS environment, including security, SAP BusinessObjects setup and administration. While the data warehouse and secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) solutions have matured, Protiviti continues to provide ongoing support when needed for upgrades, new digital efforts and more.

Working with Protiviti, d2i has been able to maintain current staffing levels while expanding their customer base. The company continues to successfully deploy SAP BusinessObjects, ETL, database and web applications, all in a secure AWS environment.

For more information about d2i, visit their website or email Scott Richards, CEO