Controls Advisory

Balancing control and efficiency for optimised results.

We apply our process, risk, and control expertise to help organisations design, implement, and operate controls programs that are fit-for-purpose, right-sized, and support the needs of internal and external stakeholders, all while striking the right balance between efficiency and control.  We speak the language of controls which our experts help organisations translate to meet their specific context and objectives.

We help you identify risk, design and implement controls, and provide control testing and validation services over core processes, systems, initiatives and transformation programs - no matter your industry, business model, or location.

Strike the right balance between efficiency and control

Our Controls advisory services

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Control Strategy & Program Management

Design and implement customised control strategies that adapt to your business landscape and provide appropriate governance.

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Control Automation & Optimisation

Modernise and transform your control environment leveraging AI and automated technologies to assess and report on control effectiveness.

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Control Design & Implementation

We perform risk assessments, identify control gaps, provide recommendations, support remediation and validation efforts and support communications with regulators and external auditors.

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Control Remediation

Mitigate risk by understanding root causes, performing lookbacks, execute a control remediation strategy, and provide testing to validate remediation.

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Control Testing

We leverage the emerging technologies, including our proprietary control testing automation solution and testing-as-a-service capabilities, to efficiently test controls and focus resources in high value areas.

Optimise controls and improve performance

Our approach

We bring insights into how internal controls and processes can be established and optimised. We bring insight and foresight to projects in evaluating changes contemplated by an organisation and by being a proactive part of the overall risk management activity associated with execution of strategy, major projects, and core operations. This not only leads to an efficient audit approach but also provides assurance that the controls over these risks are effectively managed, considerate of internal and external drivers, and appropriately balanced with the need to get things done.

Optimise controls and improve performance