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Welcome to the December issue of CFO Insights. 

As 2023 comes to an end, we're highlighting our top pieces from the past year, including our 2023 Global Finance Trends Survey, focusing on the growing list of priorities for the CFO, as well as the use of data and analytics to drive strategy, and what finance leaders need to know about required ESG reporting. We're also featuring our recently issued flash report on the AI Act, a comprehensive law that impacts AI systems and includes safeguards to reduce the risk presented by AI for government agencies, businesses and individuals.

Read on for our thoughtful insights on how to navigate risk in a dynamic world.

2023 In Review: Key Insights for the CFO

Dive into the results from our 2023 Global Finance Trends Survey

Based on responses from over 900 finance leaders worldwide, our report provides an in-depth look at the priorities on the minds of CFOs and finance leaders, along with practical calls to action for them to address these challenges.

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Need to Know for the CFO: Top 5


EU Lawmakers Reach Agreement on AI Act, Creating Regulatory Framework Addressing Risks of AI

The AI Act represents a game-changer for organizations operating in the EU and could have a broader impact than many realize due to its extraterritoriality implications.

What’s more, the AI Act may be the first salvo in a lengthy political and regulatory campaign to rein in the power of AI and protect consumers and data.

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