Transportation & Logistics

Protiviti helps transportation and logistics organisations to operate and achieve innovative solutions in a rapidly changing world.

In today’s evolving environment, transportation and logistics organisations are transforming the way they operate to stay competitive. As a trusted advisor, Protiviti can provide relevant insights and deliver a combination of strategic vision, proven expertise and practical experience to enhance the value of your business. Our industry consulting experts provide solutions tailored to your organisation’s unique needs and industry.

Our services to Transportation and Logistics

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Cloud Migration

Our Cloud Solutions provide an end-to-end approach, from envisioning and planning through migration, implementation and managed services. In partnership with major cloud vendors, our expertise in managing technology risk ensures that your cloud environment is resilient, secure, and governed.

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SAP Ecosystem

A strategic partner of Protiviti, our SAP Ecosystem offers a wide variety of relevant application and data services to fully leverage the value from SAP technologies. Examples of support range from navigating the S/4 journey, reaping high impact insights from analytics, and securing critical private data.

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Supply Chain

Protiviti supply chain experts work closely with key stakeholders through innovative supply chain solutions resulting in improved processes reduced costs, and optimised working capital to address growing challenges in cost reduction pressure and higher customer demands.

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Public Company Transformation

As a trusted advisor, Protiviti assists management with all stages of an initial public offering (IPO), including the initial assessment, the pre-IPO activities, and establishment of a sustainable an ongoing compliance function that fully meets the company’s regulatory requirements.

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Security & Privacy

We help companies take a holistic business and technology view of their risk environment, use industry-accepted information security frameworks to evaluate control environments, and develop/refine information security and privacy strategies practices and technology architectures to reduce exposures.

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Targeted assistance and/or end-to-end support. We leverage the latest technologies & methodologies to innovate, helping organisations transform by focusing on business value. We bring a deep understanding of leading practices, expertise in new and emerging technologies and imagination to help clients innovate, transform and succeed.

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Distribution and Logistics

We work with Distribution and Logistics companies including shipping, ports, aviation, airports, freight forwarders, transporters, delivery services and third-party logistics to build custom solutions that maximise your chances for success, deploying a tailored, multidisciplinary team of professionals who fit your situation and company culture.

Team of professionals who fit your company culture
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We work with automotive companies including Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Auto Component Manufacturers, Cab Agencies and Aggregators to build custom solutions that maximise your chances for success. We deploy a tailored, multidisciplinary team of professionals who fit your situation and company culture.