Life Sciences Lab Equipment

Lab Equipment Utilisation Review for a Pharma-Life Sciences Client

Keys to Success

Change Requested

Get a holistic view of lab equipment availability, utilisation, and monitoring across the entire organisation paying heed to the diverse business requirements across multiple business units operating in different regulatory environments [Good Lab Practices (GLP)/non-GLP]. To set the foundation for data-driven decision-making.

Change Envisioned

The imperative for heightened control over the utilisation and monitoring of its laboratory equipment was envisaged. This vision is to be actualised through a comprehensive end-to-end process review, targeting the optimisation of lab equipment utilisation. The primary focus involves identifying and categorising critical equipment, computing utilisation metrics, and strategically proposing load-balancing opportunities for equipment deployed across various business verticals.

Change Delivered

Conducted a comprehensive end-to-end review encompassing 6 Business Units in 4 locations, contributing to the development of criteria for measuring equipment efficiency and the creation of standardised log formats. Explored automation opportunities for usage logs and set efficiency standards. Recommendations centered on enhancing the process through standardisation and deploying Tableau dashboards to enhance equipment monitoring for improved oversight and significant cost efficiencies. This endeavour resulted in a streamlined and insightful approach to optimising the performance and allocation of an extensive inventory of lab equipment utilised across 19 service offerings.

Client Background

With over two decades of industry experience, our client is a renowned Research & Development (R&D) and manufacturing partner in the global life sciences sector. Operating as a service-oriented entity, the client specialises in contract research, development, and manufacturing services spanning verticals of Integrated Drug Discovery, Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Antibody Discovery, Drug Development, Analytical Development, and more. The complexity of its operations is underscored by a diverse array of lab equipment strategically deployed across approximately 150+ GLP and non-GLP labs, forming a crucial infrastructure that plays a pivotal role in sustaining the organisation's comprehensive service offerings and upholding its prominent position in the life sciences domain.

Key Challenges to Overcome

After initial discussions with the management and Business Heads across 6 business units and 4 locations, the     
following problem statements were identified:

Key Challenges to Overcome

How Protiviti Helped to Achieve Goals

Protiviti onboarded a team of industry experts in pharma and life sciences, complemented by experience in process engineering, internal audit, and internal controls to meet the project's demands. The review process included a thorough walkthrough of all labs, conducting interviews with lab incharges to grasp insights into key equipment, their categories, usage patterns across different labs, and the corresponding controls overseeing such usage.

Various aspects to evaluate the lab operations

Business Impact

For the first time, the client obtained extensive insights into the lab equipment utilisation and efficiency trends across various business verticals. The diverse range of equipment utilisation, spanning from 0-144% utilisation, unveiled distinct usage patterns across business units. Additionally, the exploration of automation opportunities with LIMS provided a road map for continuous monitoring mechanisms to assess effectiveness, efficiency, and maintenance needs for the equipment, thereby contributing crucial data for informed decision-making.

This comprehensive overview, shared with the Executive Leadership Team, not only provided a lucid understanding of equipment demands and their impact on capital expenditure but also played a pivotal role in guiding strategic decisions related to resource allocation and operational efficiency.

Continuous Value and Engagement

Over the course of our collaborative partnership spanning over three years, Protiviti provided crucial support as the client underwent a significant shift in their operations, aligning with their initiatives for operational excellence and digital transformation. The impact has been far-reaching, transcending traditional project delivery to initiate a sustained process of evolution and enhancement. Protiviti's accomplishments include setting elevated efficiency standards in Facilities Management, Quality Control & Quality Assurance, Third party risk management, Insurance management, Information Technology General Controls, and Compliance Monitoring. From optimising the Procurement process and management of Capital Projects to fortifying controls in Treasury and Banking areas, the scope of influence encompasses a diverse array of areas.

Moreover, the impact extends to refining safety protocols with regard to Consent for Operations and Consent for Establishment, elevating plant operations, and enhancing SAP Controls for improved data integrity. With an unwavering commitment, Protiviti remains dedicated to delivering continuous value, contributing significantly to our client's ongoing success across diverse operational domains.