Podcast | The Rise of Generative AI – with Christine Livingston

ChatGPT is the talk of the town today. But as we all know, generative AI is much more than this one tool. Gen AI represents a new frontier of promise, productivity and capabilities for organisations around the world. But it also comes with risks that these organisations must understand and manage if they’re going to capitalise successfully on these new technologies.

In this episode, we talk all things generative AI with Protiviti Managing Director Christine Livingston. Christine is responsible for artificial intelligence/machine learning and innovation solutions at Protiviti. With over a decade of experience in AI/ML deployment, she has delivered hundreds of successful AI solutions, including many first-in-class AI-enabled applications. She has helped several Fortune 100 companies develop practical strategies for enterprise adoption of new and emerging technology, including the creation of AI-enabled technology roadmaps. She focuses on identifying emerging technology opportunities, developing innovation strategies and incorporating AI/ML capabilities into enterprise solutions.

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