Data Protection

Protect your Data with confidence

A “check-the-box” approach to compliance will not protect your reputation. Proactive programmes, measures and policies will.

Protiviti helps you confidently maintain and protect your data, wherever it may reside. We help you understand the impacts of data security.

Confidently maintain and protect your data, wherever it lives. Protiviti determines the impacts of data security regulatory and contractual requirements, assesses your alignment and capability to meet those expectations, remediates key processes and technologies, and helps implement changes to achieve and maintain compliance—all while improving your data security posture.

Our approach focuses on three core concepts: identifying and securing your most valuable assets; continuous monitoring; and a structured, fast response to a breach.

Regardless of where your data resides, Protiviti helps you maintain and protect it, and to understand the impacts

Our Data Protection services

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Data Identification and Security

Organisations want to know what data matters most. Protiviti’s data protection methodology identifies critical data, implements measures to protect it, and establishes a programme to sustain and maintain data security as data evolves.

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Data Security Compliance

No matter the compliance framework (PCI , HITRUST, HIPAA, SOC 2, SWIFT , ISO, NYDFS , FedRAMP, FISMA, CMMC ) we scope your environment, address compliance gaps, and implement policies, procedures and technical solutions to meet any regulatory and contractual obligations.

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Secure Architecture

Securely maintaining technologies, systems, and networks is a challenge most companies face. Whether aligning with compliance requirements or adopting zero trust architecture , we bring skilled expertise to the design and implementation of your security.


CISO Next initiative

What is next for CISOs?

The CISO Next initiative produces content and events crafted exclusively for CISOs, with CISOs. The resources focus on what CISOs need to succeed. The first step is finding out “What CISO type are you?”

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CISO Next initiative

Case Studies

Situation: This highly-decentralised client had disparate vendor security assessments and governance policies, which led to repeated assessments and a lack of a common view of vendor risk.

Value: Protiviti enabled the client to properly modify a COTS application in six months and build a strong foundation for an employee training module.

Situation: The diagnostic device division of this company needed a third-party partner to conduct a HITRUST certification controls assessment to identify and remediate control gaps.

Value: Protiviti assisted in developing a plan and timeline for HITRUST certification.

Situation: This global brand needed assistance with its payment card industry (PCI) compliance program.

Value: Protiviti’s experience with acquiring banks and merchant compliance initiatives assisted in the development and rollout of this client’s compliance program for key stakeholders.

Situation: This client needed to update policies and procedures, with organisational alignment between the first, second, and third lines of defense.

Value: Protiviti updated the client’s governance and policies to improve risk assessments, increase visibility into the risk profile of critical systems and infrastructure, and challenge existing data security practices to enhance enterprise regulatory compliance.