Social Business Process Advancement

Organizations can’t help but recognize that social technologies are indeed creating opportunities to acquire and serve more customers, often at lower cost.
Protiviti helps organizations create social business strategies to engage– not manage– their customers. We also help companies build internal communities that improve business processes.
Protiviti will benchmark your current state of social business to what others are offering and work with you to build a plan to get to the next level. 
Here are a few diagnostics we use (click images to enlarge):
Social Business Process Advancement
We help companies build internal communities that social-enable processes and empower processes such as Marketing and Sales, Customer Service, Product and Service Development, Operations and Human Resources:
Customer Engagement 
Protiviti’s Customer Engagement Model
Protiviti’s Customer Engagement Model depicts in this example how financial services customers interact with an institution. Evaluating the success of each channel, including social and mobile, against the value each delivers to the customer helps the institution see opportunities to preserve and grow its business:
Customer Relationship Model Protiviti 
Guide to evaluate the State of Community Management
We benchmark communities against a model first pioneered by the Community Roundtable. We enriched it by transforming 8 competencies in to 8 process components needed for social business community success, and illustrate the process maturities at each level. The Guide provides us with depth to consider for each one of these components as needed as we work with you.
Guide to evaluate the State of Community Management 
Relationships Take Time and Resources
Social media and social business communities play a role in strengthening relationships. We summarized the different stages and their level of engagement to show how social media and communities can support the advancement of your (client) relationships.
Social Business Metrics Maturity Model
Return on Investment (ROI) and cost savings come after relationships are strengthened. We have engaged board members and executives to share with them what to expect from social business metric reporting for the companies they serve.  We use these insights to help organizations plan a metrics program that meets expectations of community managers, executives, and board members.
Social Business Metrics Maturity Model 

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