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Protiviti's highly regarded thought leadership extends to its podcast series, which features episodes on key issues and challenges today’s organizations are facing amid a challenging …
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Rocco Grillo … rocco.grillo@protiviti.com … With the recent plethora of cyber attacks and data breaches, prevailing wisdom suggests companies are working diligently to “get their …
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The hospitality sector contributes significantly to the economy through both revenue and employment. Owners and operators of hotels, resorts … Rocco Grillo … rocco.grillo@protiviti.com …
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Protiviti serves retail companies around the world by helping them identify, measure and manage the risks inherent in their industry. Our experts have the skills, talent and experience …
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Protiviti’s professionals assist Internet and Media companies to become leading providers by helping them more effectively manage risk and improve their operational performance. …
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As the business world becomes more and more connected, it is critical to view information security and privacy as a business issue, not just an IT issue. Security threats …
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As the world's leading provider of business software, SAP delivers products and services that … information, please contact: Rocco Grillo at rocco.grillo@protiviti.com or +1.212.603.8381 …
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Get to know Protiviti Managing Director Rocco Grillo! … Careers | About Us | Contact Us | Alumni … The current browser does not support Web pages that … Professional-Bio-Rocco-Grillo.aspx …
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​Our client, a major retailer, had experienced a data breach and was looking for a provider that could help it become PCI compliant very rapidly … Rocco Grillo … rocco.grillo@protiviti.com …
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Security breaches are a “when,” not “if.” … Data breaches are on the rise. Organizational liability is high. Risks of identity theft are pervasive. Particularly vulnerable … Rocco Grillo
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