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Inventory and Demand Planning

We Are on the Ground and in the Warehouses
Growing supply chain interdependencies and related technological advancements place growing pressure on inventory management strategies and warehouse management processes. These pressures frequently result in more nonproductive assets, difficulties realizing benefits from technology investments, murky visibility and increasing handling and logistics costs.

By applying industry best practices and technology, Protiviti helps organizations address these challenges while minimizing inventory investments and the costs associated with inventory management. Our technology-agnostic Inventory & Demand Planning consultants start with an evaluation of policies and process and then find the most suitable technology to take advantage of improvement opportunities. This process expertise stems from the deep and varied experiences our consultants have earned in numerous industries.

Our services include:

  1. Sales & Operations Planning
  2. Forecast & Planning
  3. Inventory Management
  4. Warehouse Management

Just-in-Time Inventory is Great for Everyone – except Inventory Managers
All companies aspire to achieve just-in-time. The challenge is doing so while meeting service level agreements (SLAs) and keeping a lid on costs. Carrying too little inventory can lead to excessive expediting costs, poor fill rates, stock outs, and customer service problems. Carrying slow-moving, excess or obsolete inventory unnecessarily ties up working capital, creates storage and capacity issues, and can increase handling costs.

Striking the right just-in-time balance requires a combination of process expertise, industry experience and technology knowledge. Call us to find out more about our experience reducing inventory, decreasing carrying costs, improving inventory turns and generating greater visibility for organizations across industries.  

Call-Out Number
85 percent: Protiviti’s Inventory & Demand Planning consultants implement 85 percent of the solutions we recommend.