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IT Governance

Protiviti’s IT Governance professionals partner with management to maximize the value of IT investments while reducing risk. 

The role IT plays varies significantly from business to business. For some organizations, it is responsible for simply keeping the business systems running at the minimum cost. For others, IT systems drive competitive advantage; thus, IT is instrumental in helping to drive business direction. It is critical for a business to understand the role IT plays in order for the department to help the organization succeed.

As businesses place greater reliance on IT, the demands and risks faced by IT are rising. At the same time however, many organizations are under increasing budget pressure. It is therefore essential that businesses understand the value provided by IT and target their investments to maximize benefits.

Protiviti’s IT Governance Solution empowers your business and the IT department to make the right decisions at the right time. These decisions can help your IT department fully derive value for the business. The focus of Protiviti’s IT Governance professionals, therefore, is to help your IT department maximize the value it provides to the organization.

Our services include:

  1. IT Governance
  2. IT Risk Management
  3. PCI
  6. ISO 27001
  7. IT Benchmarking
  8. Identity and Access Management Services
  9. Data Security & Privacy Management Services
  10. Application Security & Segregation of Duties
  11. ERP Audits
  12. Business Continuity Management
  13. IT Audit Services
  14. SOX and J-SOX
  15. Protiviti Governance Portal
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