Guide to Public Company Readiness: Frequently Asked Questions

Guide to Public Company Readiness: Frequently Asked Questions, 3rd Edition

Preparing to become a public company is time-consuming and complex. Much of that complexity is due to the numerous legal and technical requirements that must be addressed prior to an IPO. Organizational functions will need to transform during the pre-IPO stage. Later, as public companies, this transformation will need to continue because there is a different set of requirements and expectations for public companies.

The objective of this Guide to Public Company Transformation is to help organizations focus on what they should have in place from a governance, technology and business transformation perspective to prepare successfully for an IPO. This guidance is designed to serve as a convenient and user-friendly resource that executives and managers at pre-public and post-IPO companies can consult to help achieve readiness and, ultimately, increase the odds of a successful IPO and beyond when market conditions are favorable.

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