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Views on AML Transaction Monitoring Systems

From System Selection to Effective Governance

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Increasingly, companies are realizing the importance of implementing a risk-based AML/CFT Compliance Program that can be applied across diverse business lines; however, evaluating the money laundering risks in an organization and the tools and techniques available for mitigating these risks can present a significant challenge. Protiviti provides a wide variety of consultative services designed to assist organizations in all aspects of AML/CFT compliance, including the following:

  1. Design and Implementation of AML/CFT Risk Assessments
  2. Program Development, Implementation and Review
  3. AML/CFT System Vendor Selection and Utilization
  4. Model Assessments and Data Validation for AML/CFT Systems
  5. OFAC Compliance Program Design and Reviews
  6. Money Laundering Investigations
  7. Independent Testing of AML Programs
  8. Program Remediation
  9. Focused Training

The core members of Protiviti’s AML Practice are former financial institution regulators, financial institution compliance officers, fraud and forensic specialists, technology experts, and individuals with hands-on experience working in financial institutions of all types. They have considerable experience advising institutions of all types on the design and implementation of their AML/CFT Compliance Programs, conducting independent tests of AML/CFT Compliance Program effectiveness and conducting money laundering investigations.