Supply Chain Innovation

Supply chains demand flexible, contemporary solutions capable of addressing today’s most complex challenges. From volatile market dynamics to disruptive technologies and ever-changing customer demands, businesses are confronted with numerous obstacles that require innovative strategies to drive value and orchestration across the supply chain.

Protiviti’s Supply Chain Innovation Consulting service offering goes beyond conventional methods to solve problems. We have the experience, expertise and innovative approach to address the most complex challenges facing supply chains today. Whether you seek to optimise inventory management, improve logistics efficiency, enhance supply chain transparency or explore the potential of emerging technologies, Protiviti is your strategic partner for supply chain innovation.

Supply chain innovation services

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Automation and Orchestration

We guide clients on the redesign of process, technology and data to improve coordination and efficiency. By enhancing visibility, reducing data silos and improving process efficiency, thoughtful supply orchestration can unlock the full potential of your supply chain and help you adapt to your customers’ needs.

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We help clients ensure a smooth path through the growing range of demand and supply planning, order collection points, fulfillment, and delivery options with intelligent order management (IOM). Integrated business planning facilitation helps consistently align business goals with operations functions.

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Visibility & Transparency

Supply chain visibility and reporting helps leaders make better decisions. We help clients improve visibility across customers, suppliers, inventory, transportation and distribution by breaking down data silos and improving transparency so they can make informed and timely decisions and reduce supply chain risk.


Simulation & Scenario Modeling

Through scenario modeling and simulation, more informed decision-making is now achievable. We utilise predictive analytics as well as digital twins to identify patterns within data to accurately predict future behavior.

We develop tailored solutions, utilising emerging technologies to address our clients’ unique business goals.

Our approach

Our Supply Chain Innovation Consulting team focuses on solving the most complex problems facing supply chains today.

The approach we follow embraces emerging technologies and develops tailored solutions that align with the unique business goals of our clients. Our commitment to driving value for our clients is founded on a threefold approach:

  • Current-state analysis: Identification of areas where innovation can bring transformative impact and drive value
  • Tailored solutioning: Customised strategies and solutions that logically fit into existing operations, empowering you to optimise the supply chain
  • Future-proof implementation: Agile, scalable and adaptive solutions to help ensure that your supply chain remains resilient and ready to tackle future challenges that arise.

Every business is unique, which is why our team takes a personalised approach to every engagement. Working closely with our client’s key stakeholders, we develop roadmaps for success, ensuring efficient implementations and measurable results. We’re passionate about driving supply chain excellence and look forward to partnering with clients to achieve success.

We develop tailored solutions, utilising emerging technologies to address our clients’ unique business goals.