Private Equity

We help Private Equity firms realise the full potential of their investments.

Protiviti Private Equity consulting experts focus on the Private Equity firms’ deal thesis for each portfolio company, balancing strong EBITDA growth with prudent controls and compliance. Our approach is one of collaboration and communication with the PE firm and portfolio executives, always mindful of the purpose for which we are hired with an emphasis on speed, quality, ROI and client satisfaction.  

We work with both general industry and industry specialist PE firms and their portfolio companies across all industries, creating functional engagement teams composed of subject matter experts representing both solution and industry expertise. Engaging Protiviti’s Private Equity consulting professionals at the beginning of an investment is a strategic and valuable decision for both PE firms and portfolio companies. We partner together, fostering a collaborative relationship focused on maximising value, risk reduction, business performance improvement, and eventually, increased multiples to maximise exit value.

Sectors we serve

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PE Firms

Our team works alongside both investment professionals & portfolio operations teams to assure the portfolio companies they are invested in are equipped to achieve their value plan.

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Portfolio Companies

We provide services that can assist companies in any stage, from infancy all the way through public company transformation or sale.


Our Approach

Protiviti addresses needs throughout the investment lifecycle, beginning with the due diligence activities relating to IT, finance & accounting, reporting & performance, and operations. In the Integration phase, we assist Private Equity firms across all aspects of portfolio company integration, focusing on the Six Elements of Infrastructure: policies, procedures, people & organisation, reporting, methodologies, and systems & data.

Protiviti works directly with portfolio companies’ executives to improve their operations in business performance, IT, internal audit, compliance, and financial management. As a trusted advisor Protiviti is positioned to help a management team navigate, execute and monitor strategic initiatives that contribute to value creation and achieving the investment thesis.

When it is time to exit an investment, Protiviti’s experts can help. We assist in sell-side due diligence and exit strategy – whether it be via IPO, strategic acquisition, or secondary sale. Protiviti’s Private Equity Consulting professionals have decades of combined experience in preparing companies for IPOs, mergers & acquisitions, and other types of exits.

Our Private Equity Services

Protiviti’s team of Private Equity Consulting professionals provide valuable assistance and guidance to Private Equity firms and their portfolio companies, worldwide, across all industries, as they seek to reinforce, rationalise and/or adapt internal investment and financial operations.

Sustainability continues to evolve as investors and companies recognise that supporting environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues is essential to survive in the marketplace. Whether mandated by a fund’s LPs or a portfolio company’s regulator, PE firms must react and respond to increasing ESG requirements, from carbon accounting to board diversity reporting. Our services include:

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Stakeholders & People
  • Data Management & Tools
  • Sustainable Operations
  • Performance & Reporting
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • Sustainable Culture & Sustainable Organisation 

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Whether you are looking to automate your funds flow process, modernise fund reporting technology, or embark on an end-to-end transformation journey across your investment portfolio, our technology consulting solutions can help. Our services range from strategy, design, and development through implementation, risk management, and managed services.  

  • Cyber security  
  • Cloud
  • Data & analytics
  • Application innovation & modernisation
  • Technology strategy
  • Managed technology solutions 

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Continuous cost and risk reduction pressure, higher customer demands for quality, delivery, and overall performance, and revenue assurance require companies to continually identify opportunities to remain competitive. Protiviti supply chain experts work closely with key stakeholders through innovative supply chain solutions resulting in improved processes, reduced costs, and optimised working capital to address these growing challenges and complexities. Service offerings include:

  • Sourcing and procurement transformation  
  • Supply chain innovation
  • Operations and performance
  • Sustainable operations 

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Protiviti’s Digital practice combines advisory growth strategies with practical customer engagement and growth solutions to improve revenue generation across multiple business areas.  By leveraging agility and scale best practices, Protiviti Digital helps PE firms and their portfolio companies:

  • Ignite digital transformation
  • Amplify marketing
  • Accelerate sales
  • Craft digital products
  • Connect customer experiences
  • Unlock experience technology

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Protiviti’s Transaction team assists Private Equity Groups by analysing proposed or existing transactions and empowering organisations to address financial and operational risk. We provide meaningful analysis that is specifically adapted to your unique situation and that helps you to effectively prepare for and execute a transaction. Core support areas include:

  • Buy-side and sell-side diligence
  • Integration planning, synergy identification, and risk assessment
  • Synergy deep dive and validation
  • Financial validation
  • Diligence programme management and execution  

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Protiviti helps Private Equity finance leaders address their current challenges, prepare for future challenges, and explore opportunities for continuous growth, delivering innovative solutions and supporting finance as a forward-thinking, strategic partner for the business, optimising costs, and enhancing revenue.

  • Finance and accounting process optimisation
  • Finance technology and data
  • Cost and performance management
  • Target operating model
  • Financial reporting remediation and compliance
  • Business planning & analysis

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Protiviti helps Private Equity firms, and their portfolio companies determine the talent, skills and experiences needed to meet their future business objectives. We help reimagine all the moments that matter between employee and employer, focusing on employee experience in the areas of culture, people, total rewards, work, and technology.

  • HR transformation
  • Culture and organisational transformation
  • Future of work
  • Change management and communications
  • Workforce analytics 

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