Technology Audit Services

Protect and enhance value through data and technology

We help organisations understand their key technology risks and how well they are mitigating and controlling those risks.     

Our team has deep expertise in recognised frameworks (COBIT, NIST, ISO, ITIL, FFIEC, CMMC etc.) and apply best practices from working with many of the world’s leading audit organisations.  

Our technology auditors and risk practitioners take a risk-minded and business-objective focused approach and are involved in assessing and advising on virtually every aspect of the way an organisation uses (or should be using) technology to protect and enhance enterprise value.

Protect and enhance enterprise value through the evaluation of technology governance, systems, operations, and projects

Our Technology audit services

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Security programme and governance audit, assessments against frameworks, security risk assessments and control testing programmes, ransomware preparedness, incident response, technical assessments (e.g., penetration testing, threat hunting), privileged access reviews, and system and device (e.g., IoT) testing.

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Cloud strategy audit and governance, security scans and assessments, assessments of cloud migration plans, controls over information access, and compliance with legal and regulatory mandates, effective implementation of the shared responsibility model, and assessment using the Well Architected Framework.

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Data Governance & Privacy

Assessments of data management and data governance, data quality assessments, data privacy programme reviews, data loss prevention reviews, and assessments against regulatory requirements.

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Project Risk Advisory

Add an independent risk and controls audit lens to key enterprise projects for management, the audit committee, and applicable external compliance / regulatory entities. We partner throughout the project lifecycle.

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Enterprise Applications

Assessments of configuration and application controls, integrity of reporting, security models, sensitive access and segregation of duties, and fit-for-purpose. We use leading commercial, as well as proprietary technology solutions.

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Technology Resilience

Assess operational resilience in the context of your use of technology and data, including disaster recovery and crisis response plans, broader business resumption planning, technology infrastructure and architecture assessments, and assessments of overall technology strategy, structure and delivery capabilities.


Embrace an integrated and collaborative approach with IT management

Our approach

We are experts in the identification and assessment of technology risks and controls. Our technology audit framework embraces an integrated and collaborative approach with IT management that reflects the next generation of internal auditing. We evaluate the governance and controls supporting an organisation’s priorities, infrastructure, and delivery approach.

Embrace an integrated and collaborative approach with IT management