Fraud Risk Management

Agile fraud risk management and response

We help you build a cohesive infrastructure for evaluating, mitigating, and monitoring the risk of fraud and misconduct.

Dynamic changes in technology, the economic climate, business relationships, and employee workforce are driving management, boards, and shareholders to demand more agile and effective fraud risk management solutions that safeguard assets, reputation, and market value.

Our teams assist organisations with architecting fraud control policies and response plans, risk assessment methodologies, and training and awareness programmes.

We also help you leverage analytic tools and techniques to identify yellow and red flags that can be indicative of fraud and misconduct within your organisation.

Improving fraud prevention and detection for better business outcomes

Fraud risk management services

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Forensic Advisory

Analyse and investigate financial reports for signs of irregularities. Our team includes former FBI Special Agents, CPAs, Certified Fraud Examiners, Certified Compliance and Ethics Professionals, and Bank Crime Investigators.

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Fraud Risk Management Programmes

Build and implement custom fraud risk management programmes to help you manage your anti-fraud strategy.

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Ethical Culture Assessment

Observing behavioral elements and physical mechanisms, we assess and prepare action plans and roadmaps for ethics and cultural improvements.

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Fraud Risk Assessment

Identify improvement opportunities to mitigate, prioritise, and monitor both fraud and corruption risk that could threaten financial, operational, and brand stability.

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Fraud Training & Awareness

Maintain an effective code of conduct. We assist with monitoring, code management, and training of provisions such as conflicts of interest and illegal acts.

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Fraud Analytics

We help businesses combat and mitigate today’s sophisticated fraud by leveraging data and advanced analytics to generate intelligent threat detection and decision-making programmes.

We provide strategic advice to Executives and Boards

Our approach

Our fraud and forensic practitioners collaborate with organisations to understand their structure, financial, compliance, operational activities, and related processes and systems that contribute to their fraud control activities.

We identify key business activities and processes susceptible to fraud and misconduct and provide risk-based recommendations to strengthen the organisation’s fraud risk management programme.

We provide strategic advice to Executives and Boards on fraud awareness, as well as fraud risk trends and leading practices.

We provide strategic advice to Executives and Boards
Full suite of forensic, investigative, and fraud risk services and capabilities

Our financial investigation services.

The number of investigations arising from whistleblowing activity is growing exponentially.  Our Whistleblower Triage Investigations enable organisations and their outside counsel to take a highly targeted approach to both the scope and duration of the investigation. This enables clients to quickly and defensibly assess whether the allegations have merit, control their spend and avoid unnecessary expense in cases in which the allegations are unfounded.   

  • Financial Investigations: We work with organisations and counsel by independently uncovering the facts, reviewing, and analysing complex financial information, and providing insight based on experience, expertise, and proven investigative practices. 
  • Due Diligence: We perform open-source background investigations of persons and entities implicated in a reported matter. We gather information about undisclosed business or conflicts of interest, indicators of unexplained wealth or heavy indebtedness, prior criminal activity or a pattern of civil litigation that corresponds to an allegation. 
  • Forensic Digital Analysis: We collect, preserve, process, upload and review electronic records as part of fact-finding activities. We apply targeted search terms, advanced analytics, and AI based upon the nature of a reported matter and review and tag relevant responsive and responsive emails and other electronically stored information.