Application Innovation and Modernisation

Modern business applications that support growth and innovation

Reinvent your business by enabling technologies and applications to drive new, differentiating solutions to market, which can propel business growth and enhance employee efficiency.

We build modern, relevant and scalable business applications that support organisational growth and innovation. Whether you need assistance with custom solution development, enterprise application modernisation or integration services, our flexible resourcing model provides the resources and leading-edge skills you need to develop innovative solutions that save time and maximise value. 

Reinvent your business with innovative solutions

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Custom Development

We focus on solving business problems and driving operational excellence throughout the entirety of the Software Development Life Cycle. Our architects and developers build effective and user- friendly applications leveraging the leading technology stacks including, Microsoft, Nintex and more.

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System Integration

Modern applications almost always require integration. In fact, integrating systems in your IT ecosystem can drive process efficiency and powerful insights by sharing source data and reporting. Our teams consider integration from the start of every project — focusing on data mapping, security, workflow and monitoring.

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Application Modernisation

We utilise the latest cloud-based technologies and architectural frameworks to enhance applications, which reduces cost, risk and increases agility. With a strong focus on cloud and open-source software, we help organisations benefit from the latest technologies while continuously modernising the ecosystem.

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User Experience Design

Our user experience architects and designers clarify audience needs and behaviors, design responsive and appealing interfaces, and conduct usability testing, ensuring your final product exceeds expectations. We can make your site as attractive visually as it is feature-rich by improving your information architecture, site usability, interface design and mobile accessibility.

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Mobile Application Development

We provide practical and seamless experiences on any device to unlock the full potential of mobile technology. We build mobile applications on different platforms, including Android and iOS, using top-notch technologies and proven approaches.

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Quality Assurance and Engineering

We partner with your team to ensure your organisation maximises the value of information system investments, while mitigating key risks related to quality assurance. Our seasoned testers, engineers and management provide expertise in automation, continuous testing, DevOps and Agile.


Our flexible delivery model is scalable and cost-effective

Our approach

We deliver solutions through a risk-managed process that results in accelerated delivery, higher quality, and predictable outcomes, which lead to increased ROI. Our flexible delivery model is scalable and cost-effective with the ability to leverage consulting capabilities and sourcing of specialised talent. Our team will work closely with your organisation and listen to your business requirements to identify the appropriate technology solution and customise it to fit your specific needs. 

  • Managed Services: Established partnerships with the world’s leading technology companies, including access to their products and sandbox environments
  • Projects: A well-defined process that starts with the business problem, allowing you to determine project objectives first
  • Blended Model: A focus on a risk-based model – addressing what matters, when it matters
  • On-Demand Support: A phased approach, where we can scale up or down as needed, using the right resources only at the right time

Our flexible delivery model is scalable and cost-effective