Automated Controls and Financial Compliance

Automated Controls and Financial Compliance
Automated Controls and Financial Compliance


Businesses must balance the desire to mature their compliance and risk management processes with the pressure to continually and dramatically reduce the related costs of compliance. Automation in the form of properly configuring SAP systems can help resolve this. As shipped, SAP is not fully preconfigured to optimize controls and ensure compliance effectiveness. And too often during implementations, system integrator/implementation teams are not configuring available business process controls properly.


We help companies  assess and optimize the configuration of SAP Automated controls, resulting in better and more efficient compliance processes, an optimized and sustainable control environment, enhanced risk management capabilities and an overall financial competitive advantage.


Our SAP application controls and compliance consulting teams provide guidance to ensure organizations maximize the use of automated SAP controls and implement efficient compliance management programs.

Our approach to SAP control automation and optimization enables organizations to take advantage of native SAP functionality to improve automation and the return on your investment. Our capabilities include:

SAP Assessments and Compliance Testing 

Leveraging proprietary automated assessment tools to benchmark and diagnose manual and automated (Configurable) Controls to determine compliance risks and automation opportunities

SAP Control Design 

Working with system integrators, project managers, business process owners and compliance teams to embed automated controls while designing and blueprinting SAP business processes

SAP Control Optimization  

Improving compliance efficiency by rationalizing financial controls and increasing reliance on automated controls

Continuous Control Monitoring and Compliance Automation 

Implementing SAP Process Control solutions to automate compliance management and generate system alerts (via workflow) when control  exceptions occur

SAP Data Integrity  

Leveraging SAP-specific diagnostic tools to analyze transactional data for potential fraud, trends, and quantification of control weaknesses, exceptions or deficiencies.

Business Process Optimization 

Assessing and blueprinting operational and control improvements leveraging native SAP functionality and automation capabilities