Innovation Services

Innovation Services


Innovation is translating ideas into solutions that address your challenges and produces value. Protiviti Innovation Services enables you to design and implement new ideas that improve outcomes for people, processes and the overall delivery of healthcare services.

As part of our innovative culture, we leverage our deep healthcare expertise across internal audit, risk and compliance, clinical and operational excellence, security and privacy, data analytics and revenue cycle. Our approach enables us to partner with you to find opportunities of innovation in all areas of your organization.

Innovation Services in Healthcare

How we do it?

Training & Education: We equip your employees with the skills and knowledge to develop an effective innovation mindset through practical training tailored for your business function.

Discovery & Ideation Workshops: We facilitate interactive workshops to help you uncover the root causes to current challenges and identify innovative solutions to enact productive change.

Idea Management: We enable you to harness and manage the development of crowdsourced ideas from your employees with our innovation management platform.

Proof of Concept or Prototype Development: We accelerate your innovation process from ideation to production ready products/services, leveraging tailored teams of SMEs, in house developers, and partners from our ecosystem to design and develop initial PoCs or prototypes.

Implementation & Change Management: We build a roadmap, implement and operationalize your innovations, focusing on communication, education, and training, to gain organizational alignment and adoption from your end users.

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