Operational Effectiveness

Enhance business performance and drive sustainable growth

Businesses must strive to streamline processes and leverage technology to achieve effective change management. This includes process improvements for financial processes, integrating risk considerations into performance management activities, addressing new accounting requirements, and cost reductions. Implementing these processes result in improvements to cash flow, control and optimisation of costs, and risk management.

We help you enable lasting business transformation with sustained results. From small process improvements to major organisational structure optimisation, back office to external reporting, cost reduction to working capital issues, we apply innovation, collaboration, and technology acumen across your company.

We put the right people, processes and systems in place to manage large and complex projects and programmes efficiently and effectively.

Enable lasting business transformation

Our Operational effectiveness services

Process Optimisation & Automation

Identify, review, assign and escalate issues as appropriate. In addition, ensure appropriate documentation of issues and communication of status/resolution.


Change Management

Lead, manage and enable the organisation through the change journey with a structured and systematic approach that addresses people, technology.


Technology Enablement

Understand the organisation’s needs and technology requirements to build and implement fit for purpose solutions leveraging industry leading models.


Operating Model Design & Execution

Balance skill and scale of internal and external talent to align with corporate strategy and optimise resources.


Organisational Design & Strategy

Re-design and transform organisational structure and operating model to enable streamlined and effectively designed roles.


Project / Programme Management

Select appropriate tools, resources and people to plan and organise a project to execute on deliverables through a well-managed scope and schedule.


Customer Experience

Deliver exceptional experiences that offer excitement, build trust and drive business growth.


Employee Experience

Develop innovative ways for employees to interact and engage with their colleagues and clients, enabling them to do their best work and achieve desired business outcomes.


Help organisations identify and resolve operational challenges and leverage the latest in technology

Our approach

Business operations require a steady focus on innovation, improvement, and data-driven decision-making in today’s technology-driven world. We help organisations identify and resolve operational challenges and leverage the latest in technology to improve processes and deepen data analytics.

Our approach applies the core principles of operational excellence by overlaying people, process, and technology verticals with:

  • Innovation: Harness collaboration and creativity to identify and resolve operational challenges and provide enhanced services.
  • Improvement: Leverage techniques and tools to reduce people, process, and technology friction.
  • Information: Gather data and draw operational insights to make better-informed decisions.

Help organisations identify and resolve operational challenges and leverage the latest in technology


Adam Johnston
Adam is the country market lead for Hong Kong. With over 15 years’ experience, he has spent much of his career consulting to Fortune 500 organisations, helping them solve complex transformation, and resourcing programmes and projects. Adam’s specialisation is ...
David James
David is a managing director with over 30 years’ experience. He is the business performance improvement lead at Protiviti with experience in financial services, supplier management, global resourcing, operations, third party risk management, and transformation. As ...