Litigation Consulting

Litigation Consulting
Litigation Consulting


Litigation matters are a reality for most organisations and the uncertainty they create can impact leadership’s plans for growth and innovation. The legal analysis of complex commercial litigation is often compounded by significant economic and financial issues.

Protiviti’s forensic accountants, valuation specialists and IT professionals have decades of experience in assisting counsel navigate these challenges in federal and state courts across the country. We have been engaged by counsel representing FORTUNE® 500 companies, trustees, private corporations, receivers, partnerships and individuals and have qualified as experts in many fields, including, but not limited to: economic damages, finance, accounting, valuation, taxation, forecasting, insolvency and fiduciary assignments. Our IT specialists also provide a comprehensive array of e-discovery, data mining and data extraction services.

How we help companies succeed:

Our detailed investigation into the transactions that gave rise to litigation are, upon request, concisely summarised in a clear and compelling expert report in accordance with Rule 26(e) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. We are also trained and adept at explaining and defending our analyses in deposition or in Court. We hold many widely recognised certifications and are frequent speakers on and authors of topics related to the role of an expert witness in litigation. 

We help minimise the risks associated with litigation by providing unbiased and objective assessments of complex issues, resulting in efficient and effective trial and settlement strategies. In addition, we help counsels identify document and other evidentiary needs along with the development of relevant questions for depositions and interrogatories.

Our litigation consulting professionals have extensive expertise in damage and lost profit analysis, business and other valuations, complex database and document management, forensic accounting, fact gathering and serving as fact or expert witnesses. This blend of experience and expertise allows us to bring to an assignment the skills necessary to provide objective and creative advice in regulatory, complex claim and litigation matters.

Managing and accessing litigation throughout all phases of the litigation process are critical to design an effective approach to address complex issues. We have experience and expertise to assist counsels in accomplishing this end. Our support begins in the early complaint drafting and discovery phases through the damage analysis, trial preparation and expert testimony phases. Our Litigation Consulting services include pre-assessment, case discovery assistance, expert testimony and trial preparation.


  • Contracting targeted data request and interrogatories designed to capture specific accounting and financial records
  • Assistance with producing or analysing large volumes of electronic data (e-Discovery)
  • Assist in preparation for depositions of accounting or financial witnesses

Analysis & Findings

  • Analysis and data mining designed to surface and summarise relevant evidence in the case that will support the expert opinions developed
  • Work with corroborating witnesses to synchronise positions
  • Document analysis and findings in declaration or Rule 26(e) report depending on requirements of the court.


  • Prepare for and provide competent concise deposition testimony
  • Work with counsel to prepare trial demonstratives and testimony
  • Confidently present evidence and opinion before the Court