Top Risks in 2018 for C-suite and Board Members

2018 Top Risks identified by Protiviti

What are the Top Risks that keeps executives up at night?

The world is changing before your eyes. Here's how you can be prepared

The board of directors may want to consider the below risks in evaluating their risk oversight focus for this year in the context of the nature of the entity’s risks inherent in its operations. If their companies have not identified these issues as risks, directors should consider their relevance and ask why not.

We assist boards and executive management with identifying and assessing the enterprise’s risks and implementing strategies and tactics for managing risk. In addition, we assist public and private companies with integrating their risk assessment process with their core business processes, including strategy-setting and execution, business planning, and performance management. We provide an experienced, unbiased perspective on issues separate from those of company insiders to help organizations improve their risk reporting to better inform the board’s risk oversight process. 

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Top Risks for 2018:

Recurring natural disasters with catastrophic impact
Soaring equity markets.
Threats of nuclear engagement.
Technological advancements
Disruptive innovations threatening core business models.
Cyber breaches on a massive scale
Elections in Europe.
Turnover of leadership in key political positions.


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Prof. Mark Beasley (NCSU), Pat Scott (Exec. VP, Protiviti) and Jim DeLoach (MD, Protiviti) discuss the Top Risks in 2018

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Industry-specific cuts:

Top Risks in Financial Services

Financial Services Organizations

Regulatory pressures remains a focus for FS firms as regulatory change and scrutiny again tops the risk issues for the fourth year running. But the fintech threat has surged into second place in the top risks rankings.
Top Risks in Manufacturing and Distribution

Manufacturing & Distribution

Last year, a majority of the top risk issues were macroeconomic, whereas for 2018 most are operational. For the coming year, boards and executive leadership are likely to be much more focused on their internal operations.
Top Risks in Consumer Products Services

Consumer Products

The top risk issues for 2018 identified by respondents from CPS organizations reflect the fiercely competitive and ever-changing business environment that these companies need to understand to thrive. 
Top Risks in Healthcare

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Healthcare organizations are behind other industries due to robust digital strategies and significantly mature digital capabilities. In the coming years, the way that care is provided, along with how infotech is utilized, will vastly differ.
Top Risks for 2018: Technology, Media and Communications Industry Group Results

Technology, Media & Communications

Digital transformation is a pervasive theme and a top risk issue for TMC companies, as evident in the risk issues for rapid speed of disruptive innovation, organizational culture and existing operations not being able to meet performance expectations. 
Top Risks for 2018: Energy and Utilities Industry Group Results

Energy & Utilities sector

There are a number of notable changes for 2018. Succession challenges and organizational culture have jumped into the top five list of risks for 2018, while economic conditions and opportunities for organic growth dropped from the top five.




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