Technology Insights - April 2022

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Technology Insights - April 2022

Hot off the press! A new client story, Managing Through Change: A Small Professional Association Gains Flexibility and Freedom, just launched. Discover how leaders of this national nonprofit organization, which relies on its monthly live events as a primary revenue source, learned how to keep pace with the demand for digital learning during the COVID-19. Understanding the business landscape was key to implementing a successful technology solution.

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At a Crossroad: Weighing the Realities and Risks of 5G

The promises of 5G are undeniable: massive connectivity for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, reduced latency and ultrareliability with supersonic speed. While forward-thinking business leaders are embracing this new era of improved network performance, speed and user experience, many still wonder if 5G is right for their business — and if so, when is the right time to invest in it?

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Client Story

Journey to the Microsoft Cloud: Global Financial Services Institution Modernizes, Protects Data Assets With Microsoft 365 

Faced with the technical, compliance and data security challenges of launching Microsoft 365 across its global enterprise, a large financial services and investment institution needed to successfully deploy Microsoft 365 to its 30,000 employees while ensuring governance, compliance and data security. Because of the size and complexity of the firm, the financial institution had concerns with meeting strict, complex regulations in over 30 different countries before moving its data to the cloud.

The firm partnered with Protiviti to deploy Microsoft 365 securely and provide employees with a seamless hybrid approach to operations between on-premises and the Microsoft cloud. The Microsoft cloud solution also would offer cloud-based productivity tools that allowed flexibility for the firm to build and grow on its own terms. With the proper controls and policies in place, the firm would be able to make its journey securely to the Microsoft Cloud.

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What's the Impact of the SpringShell Vulnerability? 

By Jon Medina and Nishi Prasad

CVE 2022-22965, dubbed SpringShell (rated 9.8 CVSS Score) was found in Java’s Spring Framework. Spring, developed by VMware, is one of the most popular Java application deployment frameworks. On March 31, 2022, SpringShell was originally reported to VMware by multiple sources, and details were leaked online ahead of a public release and the formal CVE publication. Exploitation of this vulnerability allows an unauthenticated attacker to remotely execute arbitrary code on a vulnerable web server.

Driving the Top Line: Reflecting on a Critical Business Process 

By Emily Carlson, Delphine Schottland and Katrina Burrup

The quote-to-cash (Q2C) process is a vital part of the sales cycle that is responsible for driving revenue for an organization. It encompasses detailed sales functions spanning from initial quote configuration to payment receipt and revenue recognition. Optimizing the Q2C process allows companies to speed up sales cycles, close a higher percentage of deals and create a better buying experience for customers.

The first stage of the Q2C process is commonly referred to as configure, price, quote (CPQ). This subprocess is kicked off when a salesperson is building a quote for a potential customer. This includes configuring the applicable combination of products and services to meet that customer’s needs while incentivizing the customer with an appropriate pricing structure that maximizes revenue. 


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