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Global Medical Device Company Assembles the Right Team, Microsoft Azure and IoT Solutions to Revolutionize Patient Care

At a time when the healthcare industry is rapidly changing and evolving to address the unprecedented challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, enhancing patient care, reducing the length of hospital stays, improving productivity and creating safer environments has never been more critical. Rapid digital advancements fueling IoT medical device connectivity are now revolutionizing treatment and workflow management to address these needs. In many cases, however, obsolete service architecture has failed to keep up with the pace of IoT innovations and continues to prevent healthcare organizations, medical personnel and patients from experiencing optimal performance of these devices.


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U.K. Supervisory Authorities and Basel Committee Refine Operational Resilience Approaches, Align on Expectations for Firms

Act now. Financial firms are officially on notice to prepare for formal operational resilience regulation with the recent release of separate policy, supervisory and principles-based statements by the U.K. supervisory authority and the Basel Committee. Protiviti summarizes the key policies and principles in this report to compare the varying resilience terminologies and examines the areas of alignment between the U.K. regulator and the BCBS.


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Tech Leaders Rephrase the Conversation to Proactively Detect Sensitive Data, Apply Controls

By Chip Wolford, Jonathan Trillos and Derek Dunkel-JahanTigh

In the technology world, it’s common to hear leaders talk about the three-legged stool to success: people, process and technology. With the ever-evolving mix of forces in the market, including increasing sprawl of sensitive data, increasing data migration to the cloud and the impact of increasing regulatory pressure, we see tech leaders struggling to meet demands relying solely on technology.


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How a Healthcare Organization Effectively Implemented Workday Controls in Supply Chain Management

By Jerine Hu

The role of supply chain management for healthcare is in a continuous, evolutionary cycle to support rapidly changing patient care models and an ever-changing business environment. As a supplement to Workday Financial Management, Workday Supply Chain Management (SCM) provides a solution for integrating supply chain operations with financial management and analytics across the organization to support stronger utilization and decision-making.


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