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Technology Insights: November 2020


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TODAY: Transform Your Business Processes with Microsoft Power Platform

It's critical for data-driven enterprises to have a single version of truth to analyze, automate and act. The Microsoft Power Platform aids this common challenge by providing organizations with an enterprise-grade platform, enabling organizations to analyze data, build solutions and automate processes to improve and innovate their operations. Register now for today's webinar to learn more about the Microsoft Power Platform.


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The Biden Administration: The First 100 Days and Winners and Losers

On November 7, the major media networks called the 2020 election, announcing that Joe Biden had been elected 46th President of the United States. Although Donald Trump continues to pursue legal challenges, his pathway to claiming the 270 electoral votes needed to win appears to be tenuous at best. Accordingly, most people have moved on with a presumption that Joe Biden is the President-elect. Our analysis and supporting commentary are based largely on our review of the Biden campaign’s policy statements. We identify possible winners and possible losers, presuming there will be a Republican-controlled Senate; this summary will require revision if the Democrats win both Georgia Senate seats in the January 5, 2021, runoff.


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Considerations for Managing a Pandemic: Initial Lessons Learned and Considerations for the Road Ahead

It’s extraordinary how the financial services industry has moved and operated during the pandemic but there are still challenges to be addressed – return to work, the future workforce, deploying new and innovative technologies, and managing third-party, cyber and concentration risks proactively, to name a few. Learn more about considerations for the road ahead in a SIFMA podcast featuring Ron Lefferts, Global Head of Technology from Protiviti.


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India's Data Protection Bill: What's the Latest?

By: Pam Kamath and Lisa Palmer

India and other large economies like Japan and the EU are taking significant steps in enacting comprehensive and progressive privacy laws. Did the GDPR move India’s citizens to demand a right to privacy? Not necessarily. While the GDPR certainly did inspire countries worldwide to rethink data protection, privacy in India was brought to the forefront in a lawsuit against the central government in August 2017 in a ‘right to privacy’ legal case which allowed for privacy as a fundamental right of an individual.


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Pam Kamath
Lisa Palmer


Managing Connected Devices in Today’s Evolving Business Environment

By: Scott Laliberte

With the global economy in turmoil due to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are looking for a competitive edge. It is only natural to look to technology, both for data collection and improvement. This has led to an acceleration of an already fast-moving trend toward machine-to-machine data exchange via the Internet of Things (IoT) – an ecosystem of connected devices that share information between the virtual and physical worlds in a preprogrammed manner, often without human participation.


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Scott Laliberte


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