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Technology Insights : February 2020

"Board members and C-suite executives in the technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) industry continue to perceive significant concerns in the business environment in 2020." Protiviti Perspectives on Top Risks

Whitepaper: 2020's Top Risks for Technology, Media & Telecommunications

In this eighth annual survey, Protiviti and NC State University’s ERM Initiative report on the top risks on the minds of global boards of directors and executives. There are a number of notable changes for organizations in the Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) industry group for 2020. Perhaps most noteworthy, economic conditions are the top global risk issue for the sector. For technology organizations especially, there is substantial uncertainty regarding the trajectory of market conditions in 2020, with the potential for economic downturn impacting markets and changing trade policies among numerous contributing factors creating a less than clear economic picture.



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Whitepaper: Learn What Executives Are Concerned About This Year

Two overarching themes dominate the top 10: As companies strive to advance their digital maturity and embrace the transformative potential of technology, there are two interconnected themes in our survey results to consider. The first concerns an organization’s ability to attract and retain the right talent and ensure that an appropriate corporate culture is in place. This theme has the potential to directly influence a second theme: concerns over the organization’s ability to execute increasingly complex strategies for navigating a rapidly changing digital marketplace. We refer to these two themes as “talent and culture” and “technology and innovation,” respectively.



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Conference: LAST CALL for $500 Off SAPinsider 2020

March 17–19, 2020

Join Protiviti at the Digital Core and Intelligent Platform conference, SAPinsider's premier annual event with the world's foremost experts on SAP technology in Las Vegas.

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Webinar: Microsoft's New Project Cortex

Thursday, February 20 | 1:30 pm EST


Microsoft’s new cloud service, Project Cortex, serves as your organization’s knowledge network in the Microsoft Cloud, helping your people become more productive utilizing Microsoft applications they already know.

Project Cortex can help your organization automatically gain valuable insights by capturing content, extracting data, organizing information and building a knowledge network from the information you already have.


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Webinar: Is Your GRC Program Ready for a Technology Solution?

Wednesday, February 26 | 1 p.m. EST

GRC platforms, workflow and other automation tools can help drive efficiency, improve reporting and enhance compliance and risk management programs. The primary question many organizations fail to ask prior to evaluating and implementing a solution is "Is our GRC program ready for a GRC technology solution?"


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Webinar: Planning Salesforce Lightning Web Components Migration

Thursday, February 27 | 12:00 pm EST

Salesforce Lightning Web Components (LWC) is the latest technology that companies are using to optimize and modernize their Salesforce solutions. Early adopters are using LWC to transform everything from external-facing, self-service sites for customers and partners to internal business process solutions for employees.


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Simplify Cloud Accounting to Deliver Perfect Harmony

By Patrick Anderson

On its face, “moving to the cloud” seems like a simple enough term. Yet, as we will see, the term “cloud” carries a lot of meanings. Regulatory bodies tend to view the cloud as a remote data center. Information technology (IT) infrastructure teams interpret it as a remote data center to host virtual machines. IT development teams see cloud as a collection of services. But the one topic that causes more debate around cloud than any other is the accounting perspective. In IT’s world, cloud accounting is simply a capital expense (CapEx) moving to an operating expense (OpEx).

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5G Download

By Steven Massengill

To be quite clear, the term 5G is simply a marketing term to represent the fifth generation of wireless technology used in cellular networks. However, the various cellular providers have created a fair bit of confusion about what 5G is, when it is coming and how things will change once it arrives. In fact, there are three distinct types of 5G technology that have been developed over the years, and each brings with it different promises and challenges. Let us take a closer look at this technology and shed some light on the ambiguous idea of 5G.

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Gender Diversity Can Aid Cybersecurity: CISO Panel Suggests Keys to Greater Female Participation

By Scott Laliberte and Tricia Wagner

It’s no secret that the current skills shortage is especially acute in the area of cybersecurity. A 2018 study by the International Information System Security Certification Consortium, or (ISC)², reported a shortage of nearly 3 million cybersecurity professionals globally, including a gap of roughly 500,000 trained staff in North America alone. And CIO/CTO respondents to Protiviti’s latest Top Risks survey identified succession challenges and the ability to attract and retain top talent their second top risk overall, right after economic concerns.

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