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Technology Insights : June 2020


"CCIOs and CISOs will be directed to develop documented paths to recover revenues and stay ahead of competition. This means transforming to a digital business model and embracing technology to its fullest extent." – Ron Lefferts, Global Lead, Protiviti Technology Consulting.




Next Phase: Opening the Workplace

Key Questions for the CIO During the Transition

Leaders have spent the last several months stabilizing their organizations as they work through the challenging circumstances brought about by the global COVID-19 pandemic. Now that most senior executives have a better understanding of the environment, they are identifying opportunities to optimize the balancing of bringing employees back into the office in a safe but balanced approach. These executives know there is no one-size-fits-all approach. However, there are common questions the overall organization needs to consider.


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COVID-19: Raises Some Privacy Requirements, Relaxes Others

By: Ron Naulls

Today, organizations face a landscape and a future that is drastically different from what they perceived at the start of 2020. Altered customer priorities, disruptions throughout the supply chain and new emerging opportunities are causing significant shifts in the corporate strategies in boardrooms across the globe. This means that the strategic technology portfolio must be evaluated through the lens of the new economy and, where necessary, adjusted to meet future needs.

How Mature Is Your Privileged Access Management Program?

By: Eli Hajjar

In today’s dynamic world, businesses are constantly being asked to become more agile, nimble and forward-thinking to keep up with customer demands and the competition’s services. This leads to rapid changes in technology footprints, software development methodologies and the unintended consequence of security occasionally taking a backseat. The pressure to enhance existing and create new services outweighs traditional security measures, leading to more cyber incidents and breaches.

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