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Technology Insights

Technology Insights: August 2020


With Preparedness Month in September and Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October, fall 2020 promises to be a busy time for tech leaders looking to set agendas for the coming year. 


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This series brings together our top tech experts, who will deep-dive into technologies that enhance your business. From cybersecurity to the cloud, we break it down for you and provide actionable insights for success. 

Sept. 10 | Moving Forward with Business Continuity and Resilience

Companies must prepare for future disruptions in this new economic environment. How has the pandemic impacted your continuity planning? What key areas need additional focus today? 

Sept. 17 | Ask the Experts: Enhance Your Customer Experience to Maximize Revenue

Organizations must have a plan to enhance customer experiences and implement customer-focused strategies to accelerate revenue growth. 

Sept. 24 | Finding Data Visibility Amongst the Clouds

At the heart of understanding these challenges and addressing them is visibility. Visibility in the cloud is ever increasing in its ease to access data but also in its difficulty to gain insights from the data. 

Oct. 1 | Attack & Response: 3 Common Scenarios and What to Do About Them

For any organization functioning in today’s digital landscape, data breaches are inevitable. It is no longer about if, but when – and how an organization should respond. 

Oct. 8 | Identity – The New Perimeter

With the adoption of cloud solutions data living off-premises and an increasingly remote workforce, users are moving off-premises. This makes identity and access management (IAM) your new perimeter. 

Oct. 13 | Demystifying Zero Trust

The concept of “zero trust” has sparked many questions: What is zero trust? Why do modern organizations need to consider implementing a zero trust security approach, and how do you achieve it?

Oct. 15 | Stop Slouching! Your Cloud Security Posture Matters

As organizations move sensitive data into the cloud, they will inevitably face security incidents. Future breaches can be mitigated by building out a robust cloud security posture management strategy. 

Oct. 22 | Building an Effective ICS Security Program

As attackers focus more on environments that directly impact operations and revenue generation, industrial control systems (ICS) and manufacturing systems are prime targets. 

Oct. 29 | Next-Gen U.S. Government Regulations: How They Affect Your Business and How to Get Ready

Malicious cyber actors continue to target sensitive information and intellectual property – which is a threat to economic and national security. 

Nov. 5 | Securing the Enterprise at the Speed of DevOps

DevSecOps enables enterprises to deploy applications consistently and securely. Automated security practices in the Software Development Lifecycle enable standardization and security.  


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September Is National Preparedness Month. Are You Ready?

To help organizations prepare and plan for disruptive events, Protiviti examines critical and pressing concepts about business continuity management and related practices in our Guide to Business Continuity Management FAQ. The guide features 50+ questions plus industry-specific perspectives. Sign up today to receive the guide on September 8. Visit our BCM website to learn more.


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Using FAIR to Understand Change in Resilience Risk – Guide and Webinar 

How resilient is your organization? How can you track your organization’s change in resilience? As policies and technologies change with time, organizations need to adopt effective methods to quantify the degree of downtime that will cause irreparable harm to their business. This webinar is a step-by-step walk-through from the primary authors of Protiviti’s latest thought leadership piece, Understanding Changes in Resilience Risks From Technology Advancements.


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A Single Source of Truth for Privacy Programs 

By: Chris Aramburu and Aric Quinones

Although we're just past the midpoint of the year 2020, it's already proven to be a time of significant change. We find ourselves doing things we'd never imagined, like evaluating body temperatures as people enter the workplace, retail store or school. But even before the advent of the coronavirus, we were in the midst of a sea change, from how we interact with each other to how we pay for goods, how we target customers and how we collect data – all of which are key drivers of privacy regulation.

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