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Technology Risk Management: The Need For Change
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"The reality is that you can make very meaningful measurements that significantly reduce uncertainty at almost no cost and with no additional work."

- Vince Dasta, Associate Director

Powerful Insights Podcast: Cyber Risk Quantification

Protiviti Associate Director Vince Dasta discusses why cyber risk quantification is critical to a successful cyber risk program.

"Companies have a lot of tools and a lot of information at their disposal to fight cyber crime, but most companies struggle to turn that data into usable information that helps them make decisions about the way that they manage their programs and understand the risks to their organization.

Being able to do that in business terms – the way they would look at any other type of enterprise risk – is something that companies are starting to realize is possible, and there’s a lot of interest in doing that now coming from the top all the way down, from the board of directors all the way to the practitioners that have to do this every day." Listen Now


Client Story: Global Contract Manufacturer Strengthens Risk Controls

U.S. regulators are increasingly focused on preventing trade dollars flowing to “bad actor” countries and regimes known for their sponsorship of terrorism, drug trafficking, bribery and corruption, and a range of other criminal activities. Doing that job, however, is putting more pressure on organizations to verify the source of their materials and labor. Those who neglect to do so risk steep financial penalties, brand damage and product disruptions, to name just a few adverse consequences associated with running afoul of regulations. Read More

New Thought Leadership: AI in the Technology Industry

It’s clear that tech companies already recognize the opportunities that AI presents. They pioneered some of the AI innovations that many of us use every day, like virtual assistants from Amazon and Apple (Alexa and Siri, respectively) and the navigation systems in automobiles. According to a 2018 Protiviti study, technology companies expect value from AI investments to soar in as little as two years. This white paper examines the issues that technology companies must navigate as they continue to invest in AI. Among the top concerns for companies implementing AI are how to derive business value from the technology and how to attract and develop the specialized talent needed to support AI programs as they evolve and mature. Download Report

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Project Cortex Unveiled at Microsoft Ignite

By: Antonio Maio

Project Cortex will help enterprises organize their corporate data. The new cloud service from Microsoft uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically and intelligently process content so organizations can immediately start to turn that data into knowledge. The solution leverages AI to make sense of content shared across teams and system. It can recognize content types, extract important information, and automatically organize content into shared topics. Read More



Building a Privacy Function, From the Ground Up

By: Kevin Strope and Stephen Nation

Consumer data. Who’s collecting it? How is it being used? What regulations are being put in place that can impact how my organization collects, stores, processes and transfers that data? These are the types of questions that we hear over and over again from many of our clients, who are realizing that they are now faced with some of the most stringent privacy laws for their industries that have ever existed in the U.S., Canada, the European Union and around the world. Read More


Cloud Governance, Demystified

By: Samir Datt and Tom McKernan

In today’s digital world, the need for organizations to align cloud capabilities with business requirements grows every day. While cloud provides dynamic flexibility and scale, it requires organizations to maximize information security to protect their brand reputation from unplanned service disruptions. A lack of governance also significantly increases the risk of data vulnerability. So, what is the answer to this dynamic and challenging technology landscape? Cloud governance. Read More


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