Technology Insights - November 2021

Technology Insights - November 2021


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Breaking News: Important Flash Reports From Protiviti

Developments at and during COP26 The second week

The proceedings in the 12-day UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP) in Glasgow have now concluded. This Flash Report summarizes developments during the second week and the agreements reached and offers suggestions for companies to consider in the aftermath of the COP26 summit.

DoD proposes changes to cybersecurity compliance Does your organization contract with the U.S. government?

On November 4, 2021, the U.S. Department of Defense published a proposed update to its Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) CMMC 2.0. Learn about the program's improvements, what these revisions mean for your organization and how your organization can strengthen its cybersecurity posture.


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Ransomware: Analyzing Risk and Protecting Critical Assets

Ransomware is a current threat many organizations are struggling to understand and manage. Reputation damage, hefty ransoms and business continuity are all concerns with ransomware. But the core of the conversation is about the potential loss of intellectual property and customer information and the specter of unpleasant dealings with criminals and other parties who may or may not be sponsored by nation-state actors. The market still doesn’t know the number and full scope of these attacks, as few companies victimized by them are eager to share their experiences. However, estimates of total ransomware costs in the United States run as high as $20 billion in 2021. Several things are clear: Few companies are fully protected and no company feels safe from ransomware. And every company, regardless of size or location, is vulnerable.


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Don't Miss the Guide to Technology Modernization and Transformation

Are you leveraging technology as a catalyst for change and transformation? From using the cloud to addressing and elevating security measures to enabling an agile workforce, Protiviti’s Guide to Technology Modernization and Transformation addresses these challenges and more. We offer informative insights and practical tips that CIOs, CISOs and other technology and C-suite leaders can leverage to initiate, implement and complete a technology modernization and transformation journey.


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Ransomware Resiliency Road Map: Lessons Learned From the Colonial Pipeline Attack and Recent TSA Directives

By Tyler Chase and Derek Dunkel-JahanTigh

Operational technology (OT) serves as the backbone and infrastructure the world relies on to provide critical resources and requires sustainable operations. to provide reliable technology services. The headwinds facing OT services include: many businesses are operating their OT networks with aging legacy technology, many business networks do not provide adequate segmentation between IT and OT, and OT systems are frequently operating with critical vulnerabilities, all of which establishes OT as an easy target for cybersecurity threat actors.

Tyler Chase
Derek Dunkel


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Securing Edge Cloud and 5G: How to Do It and Why It Matters

By Megha Kalsi, Rachel Catan and Jenny Martinez

The fourth industrial revolution, known as 4IR or Industry 4.0, is in full swing. It focuses heavily on automation, interconnectivity of devices, machine learning and real-time data. The intersection of 5G and edge computing technologies are core components of Industry 4.0 and are expected to reinvent industries, change the way security is implemented and revolutionize business operations. Understanding how 5G and edge computing impacts use cases and changes the approach to security will prepare organizations for this quickly approaching new era.

Megha 100x100
Rachel Catan
Jenny Martinez


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