Technology Insights - July 2021

Technology Insights - July 2021


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This month, we're kicking off by celebrating our recognition as a Microsoft Partner of the Year finalist. We're also on the home stretch of our ongoing Guide to Technology Modernization and Transformation blog series. And our podcast series, The Post-Quantum World, continues with a look at the cryptography apocalypse — is it as bad as it sounds!? Thanks for joining us!



Protiviti Recognized as a Finalist for 2021 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards

We are delighted to share with you the news that Protiviti has been named a finalist in the 2021 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards. We are recognized in the SAP on Azure category for our work providing an outstanding solution and services to support California-based Graton Resort and Casino as it migrated and replatformed its entire enterprise data warehouse. With a compressed schedule to meet, the tribal and casino leadership turned to Protiviti to migrate their legacy data warehouse to SAP HANA on Microsoft Azure. As a result, Graton Resort and Casino was able to make data-driven business decisions and forecasts, including real-time decisions on the casino floor.

Protiviti was previously recognized as a finalist for the Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards in 2020 for social impact and in 2019 for diversity and inclusion.


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Forget Zombies — We're Talking About the Cryptography Apocalypse. Will You Be Ready?

Here's what's airing now on our popular podcast, The Post-Quantum World:

Using post-quantum cryptography today

The cryptographic apocalypse (when "all the encryption will break!") could be under five years away, depending on interconnect technologies that might allow quantum computers to work together. Is now the time to start planning for, or even implementing, post-quantum safe cryptography? It all depends on the shelf life of the data you’re trying to protect. Host Konstantinos Karagiannis talks with Denis Mandich, chief technology officer at Qrypt, about post-quantum cryptography you can implement right now to stay ahead of the zombies.

Shortcuts to coding quantum with Amazon Braket and QCI Catalyst

Quantum computing is easy to access thanks to services like Amazon Braket. But how long does it take to apply one of these systems to a real-world use case? Sometimes months. Amazon partner Quantum Computing, Inc. (QCI) has launched Qatalyst API to shorten development time on some types of quantum coding … to under a week! Listen in to hear how Amazon is preparing for the future of high-performance quantum computing, and how QCI is ensuring we have the code to put those systems to amazing use. Host Konstantinos Karagiannis is joined by Richard Moulds, General Manager – Amazon Braket, AWS and Bob Liscouski, CEO, Quantum Computing Inc.

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It's Nearly Over! Don't Miss Our Guide to Technology Modernization and Transformation

This 17-blog series focused on CIOs is nearly over. Don't miss these insights on the key areas CIOs need to consider as they dive into their transformation journey, including the impact across the C-suite and the business. There are just a few weeks left as we post a new topic every week through early August.


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What Do Thriving Organizations Have in Common? Business Agility

By Sofia Hansen

The Digital Age is forcing businesses to seek new ways to avoid falling behind and better serve their customers. Business agility enables organizations to respond quickly to market changes and employee or customer demands without compromising quality. Traditional hierarchical siloed methods no longer work in this environment. Companies seeking speed, innovation and greater customer focus have prioritized working in an agile way beyond IT departments across all organizational functions.

Why Companies Should Care About IT4IT

By Darragh O'Grady and James Ward

Ongoing IT management challenges — like creating new products faster, managing growth, retaining talent, delivering agile yet resilient business services, driving innovation and having responsive IT — are urgent priorities for the organization to succeed and are top of mind for every CIO.

The goal for the CIO is to close the gap between the business and IT so there is little separation between the two, but CIOs often struggle to evolve their legacy IT organization to run more like a sustainable business, and this gets in the way of digital transformation.


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