Innovation. Responsibility. Talent.

The Tech Balance
Innovation. Responsibility. Talent.


Balance is what defines the “responsible technology firm of the future,” one that will be as adept at corporate governance, social responsibility, diversity and inclusion, risk management and compliance as it is at innovation, talent strategy and product/service delivery.

A Rapidly Changing and Unpredictable Landscape

The Responsible Tech Firm of the Future

Part One of a Four-Part Series

The future success of not only established technology players but also emerging and mid-market organizations will require innovative products and services, as well as a deep understanding and effective management of emerging risks and heightened expectations of myriad stakeholders in both the public and private sectors.


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Ideas for Meeting the Challenge – Corporate Governance and Regulatory Compliance

The Responsible Tech Firm of the Future

Part Two of a Four-Part Series

Explore ideas for improving corporate governance and regulatory compliance.


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Ideas for Meeting the Challenge – Market Forces

Part Three of a Four-Part Series

This segment continues the discussion on how the changing landscape of the technology industry requires tech companies to take action to restore and sustain trust in what constitutes a challenging operating environment. In the last two segments, we explored ideas to help pursue this opportunity with a focus on corporate governance and regulatory compliance and market forces.


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Ideas for Meeting the Challenge: Corporate Social Responsibility

Part Four of a Four-Part Series

Suggestions to increase diversity and measure the improvement; monitor evolving stakeholder expectations, particularly around social responsibility; help those displaced by technology through training to improve people’s lives; and manage brand image and reputation.


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