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2022 Top Risks Survey

NC State/Protiviti Survey of Risks on the Horizon for 2022 and the Next Decade

The range of uncertainties facing business leaders around the globe in 2021 is considerable but looking ahead, what do you see as the key risks for 2022 and beyond?

Protiviti and North Carolina State University, invite you to take 15 minutes and share your invaluable insight via our annual, global survey. The survey remains open through Oct. 8th.




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Four Steps to Keeping SAP's Financial Process Compliant - Step 3: Implement Internal Control Governance

In Part 1 and Part 2, we covered Step 1: Analyze SAP configuration and processes and Step 2: Optimize internal control framework. In this post, we will be covering the third step, implementing internal control governance processes, why it is important, and an example of a governance framework leveraged by multiple of our clients.

During the third stage, implementing governance processes, the framework for control ownership and management is established to keep controls updated and consistent, given that most companies may have changes to the organizational structure and SAP system functionality over time. Furthermore, companies should determine global and local control owners that will be responsible for reviewing control parameters periodically and approving control changes going forward.

Step 4: Enable Intelligent SAP Control Automation

The final step when improving an organization’s SAP control environment involves the implementation of technology to automate the control monitoring and control testing efforts implemented throughout the previous three steps. Automating this process will help to monitor the health of business and IT configurations, ensure they do not change without proper authorization and, if changed, ensure the appropriate business process owners are promptly notified.

Establishing a Successful SAP Identity Access Governance Center of Excellence

Often, companies are so focused on getting to an optimal and secured environment across their SAP business applications and information systems landscape, that they overlook the importance of connecting the dots to a broader identity access strategy, establishing the appropriate governance policies and ongoing processes to meet business, legal, security, risk, compliance and other organizational needs.

Identity access management (IAG) governance is a key component to safeguarding digital assets. For companies that heavily rely on SAP (ERP) applications, establishing an SAP IAM center of excellence is essential to keeping a "clean" security and controls environment.

Revisiting SAP Analytics Cloud Report Design

arlier in 2021, Protiviti published a blog post titled Taking a Test Drive of SAP Analytics Cloud Report Design. In that blog, we discussed the ability to create paginated reports within the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) platform and made the argument for a hybrid approach to data visualization and transactional reporting with SAC and SAP BusinessObjects. While SAC has always been a data visualization platform, transactional reporting still has room for improvement.

The blog demonstrated how SAP Analytics Cloud can be used to generate a transactional report with a traditional header and footer, exporting the report as a PDF to serve as a traditional transactional report. With SAC version 2021.16 and in Q4 2021 for the Quarterly Release Cycle, these features are being improved with the ability to use repeating headers and footers, along with the introduction of margins within a transactional report. Let’s investigate these features in more detail.




Guide to Technology Modernization & Transformation

Are you leveraging technology as a catalyst for change and transformation? From the use of cloud, to addressing and elevating security measures, to enabling an agile workforce, Protiviti’s Guide to Technology Modernization and Transformation addresses these challenges and more. We offer informative insights and practical tips that CIOs, CISOs, and other technology and C-suite leaders can leverage to initiate, implement and complete a technology modernization and transformation journey.




Cybersecurity Webinar Series 2021

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and we are participating by bringing you ten webinars throughout the month. Register for one or register for them all!

  • Preparing for Cyber Disruption: Future State of Ransomware
  • Supply Chain Security: Managing Third-Party Risk in the Cloud
  • Intelligent Certifications or Certifications
  • Your Security Blanket: How to Develop an IAM Strategy
  • To Form a More Protected Union: The Future of Cybersecurity
  • IT and OT and IoT, Oh My! Securing the “Enterprise of Things”
  • Evolving Your ICS Security Program
  • Is You Business Equipped to Deal with a Ransomware Attack?
  • Raising the Bar for Robotic Process Automation Security
  • Finding Common Ground: Zero Trust Network Architecture for Data Security Compliance​

All webinars are one hour and do not offer CPE

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