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SAPinsider Survey: The CIO's 2021 Transformation Report Card

SAPinsider’s November Executive Research Report survey, The CIO’s Transformation Report Card sponsored by Protiviti, is now live and seeking responses. Help us uncover insights about the SAP community today, by filling out the survey.

All survey respondents will receive a complimentary copy of the benchmark report, with insights from CIOs across the U.S. You will also gain access to the research webinar, as well as a complimentary one-month premium membership to SAPinsider. Please complete the survey by November 5th to be included in the report.




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Where to Start Modernizing SAP Access Governance with GRC 12.0 Fiori Capabilities: Part 1

In this two-part blog, we highlight how to improve the customer experience around SAP GRC apps using SAP Fiori. We also look at some of the benefits to consider when thinking about modernizing and maturing the processes and technology which support access governance of C-suite executives are increasingly investing in technologies that focus on improving customer experience and gaining customer trust. While most of the discussion has been on improving the experience to drive revenue growth, why can’t we also apply these strategies to SAP access governance? The most common SAP GRC Access Control customers would include managers, auditors, owners/approvers, functional support team members and potentially all SAP end-users.

Part 2

The use of Fiori apps within the overall SAP environment brings up the below key topics around SAP security and user access to the Fiori Launchpad and relevant Fiori apps. In recent SAP security implementations, we have educated our clients about the relationship between Fiori catalogs, Fiori groups and business/composite roles; a relationship that defines and drives the role design and list of tabs the user sees.

5 Considerations to Improve SAP S/4HANA Embedded Analytics Reporting

Enough clients have asked questions about embedded analytics in SAP S/4HANA to warrant a blog post with considerations for analytic teams to use in preparation for an SAP S/4HANA implementation. This blog provides five considerations that have improved ROI for our clients. These considerations highlight new ways of working and the art of the possible in the organization’s future S/4HANA system compared to ECC 6.x systems with comparably aged analytical landscapes.

Understanding the Parallel Worlds of SAP and SIEM

Traditionally, it has been a conundrum for many CISOs and CIOs working with SAP products on what is truly needed to ensure the security of their data for sensitivity or competitive advantage purposes. Standard Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) monitoring often fails to ensure the security of the SAP system because the specific SAP logs and analyses can’t be interpreted, and, consequently, attack patterns cannot be identified or recognized. In this post, we discuss why this is the case, what companies can do to integrate SAP in their monitoring nonetheless, and how this end-to-end safeguarding can deliver additional benefits.




Cybersecurity Webinar Series 2021: On-Demand

October was Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and we participated by bringing you 10 webinars. Register for On-Demand!

  • Preparing for Cyber Disruption: Future State of Ransomware
  • Supply Chain Security: Managing Third-Party Risk in the Cloud
  • Intelligent Certifications or Certifications
  • Your Security Blanket: How to Develop an IAM Strategy
  • To Form a More Protected Union: The Future of Cybersecurity
  • IT and OT and IoT, Oh My! Securing the “Enterprise of Things”
  • Evolving Your ICS Security Program
  • Is You Business Equipped to Deal with a Ransomware Attack?
  • Raising the Bar for Robotic Process Automation Security
  • Finding Common Ground: Zero Trust Network Architecture for Data Security Compliance

All webinars are one hour and do not offer CPE

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