SAP Insights | November 2020

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SAP Insights | November 2020

From Data & Analytics, to Security & Privacy, to Business Process Optimization and Risk & Compliance, we have you covered!


Breakthru Beverage Group Reaches New Horizon on Journey to Become a Fully Integrated, Data-Driven Business 

As the on-demand economy shifts the consumer and retail landscape, food and beverage companies are pressed to deliver more agile service models to meet the unique demands of each supplier and customer. With a modern, digital marketplace changing the e-commerce environment - and with grocery and beverage pickup delivery services such as Drizly and GrubHub available at the push of a button - organizations need to look at innovative ways to connect with consumers.

One organization that has embraced innovation to achieve this goal is Breakthru Beverage, which offers its restaurant and retail customers a portfolio of established and emerging beer, wine and spirits.


What is Your Planning & Analytics Strategy? SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Business Planning & Consolidation or a Hybrid Approach? 

Despite the upheaval of COVID-19, the future is not what it used to be. What used to be predictable can now be expected to come with caveats, assumptions and speculations. Regardless, what is important is how we respond now. With the general availability of SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) 11.1 released last year and other existing BPC versions, it is the perfect time for SAP customers to rethink their overall planning and reporting strategy. SAP BPC remains one of the most widely used enterprise planning solution on the market. With the addition of SAP Analytics Cloud, customers can now create a hybrid solution that leverages the existing investments with the AI/ML-driven insights, easier integration and predictive analytics of SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC).


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What to Consider Before Building an Enterprise Mobile App

The right mobile application can empower any business, bringing newfound levels of collaboration and connectivity. Mobile apps are powerful tools that deliver greater efficiency and convenience to a wide range of business requirements, from inventory management to timecard tracking. With smart devices so prevalent, there has never been a better time to leverage mobile application technology to boost business.

There are several things to consider before deploying enterprise mobile applications:

  • How will the application be used by employees?
  • Will the application require any special hardware?
  • Is the business providing mobile devices, or will employees use their personal devices?


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Illuminating the Top Global Risks in 2020

A constantly evolving geopolitical landscape that is trending towards nationalism, an ever-present concern over cyber threats, increasing market disruptions caused by "born digital" organizations and the rise of artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled technologies, and the effects of tightening labor markets are just a handful of concerns voiced by organizational leaders around the globe. Add to these the devastating impact of hurricanes and other natural disasters, continued apprehension over interest rates, uncertainty in war-torn regions of the world, polarization of political viewpoints, the ease with which information can go viral via social media and other digital platforms, and ongoing negotiations to settle Brexit. These are but a few of the many drivers of uncertainty affecting the 2020 global business outlook.


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Align Personalized Experiences with Data Privacy Tue, Dec 1| 11am ET

A trusted customer relationship is much more than acquiring a loyal following or a steady revenue stream. It’s the foundation that compels customers to share more of their data, so businesses can derive insights into unmet needs, evolving beliefs, and new behaviors across the marketplace. But trust must be earned. Proper data management responsibility from privacy, accountability, ethics and more are critical elements.
Join us for a panel discussion to learn how to build transparency into data collection and sharing, and ensure accountability for those customer promises.
  • Treat customers as trusted individuals
  • Collect consent and preference transparently
  • Manage data responsibly, ethically and compliantly
  • Put customers in control of their data
  • Turn data insights into meaningful action



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