SAP Insights: May 2020

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SAP Insights: May 2020

From Data & Analytics, to Security & Privacy, to Business Process Optimization and Risk & Compliance, we have you covered!


Breakthru Beverage Group Increases SAP Systems Usage Through Change Management 

Change management emerged as the top challenge for SAP deployments in previous SAPinsider research. For Protiviti client Breakthru Beverage Group — a North American alcoholic beverage wholesaler headquartered in Cicero, Illinois — the successful implementation of SAP HANA 2.0-based business intelligence products required an evolution in its change management strategy. SAPinsider recently interviewed Desmond Foley, Solutions Architect for Business Intelligence at Breakthru Beverage, to understand how the company effectively communicated with different sets of stakeholders to improve the usage and user acceptance of SAP HANA-based analytics tools.



Streamline Enterprise Risk Management In a Virtual Environment
“Virtual work environments have become the new normal, but the ability to respond quickly and decisively to emerging risks is crucial,” says Steve Apel, Director at Protiviti. During SAPinsider’s Business Continuity in Times of Economic Disruption track released on May 12 as part of SAPinsider's 2020 virtual event, Apel was joined by Brittany Dyslin, Senior Manager at Protiviti, and Peter Creal, Senior Director at SAP, to discuss the importance of addressing enterprise risk management (ERM) when working in a virtual environment.
SAP S/4HANA Finance: State of the Market - Benchmark Report
Finance departments today face increasing demands to deliver real-time reporting and analysis from a broader array of sources on top of fulfilling their historical responsibilities. Whether this involves integrating data from multiple systems into one centralized platform in order to conduct that reporting, or streamlining operations to free up resources to perform these new tasks, finance departments are being pressed to refocus priorities and look at solutions like SAP S/4HANA Finance to provide the tools they need.



SAP Security Patch Day - May 2020
For the second month in a row, SAP released 29 fixes on its regular patch day, a more significant number than any average month in the last year. While the number of total fixes has been stabilized at a relatively high level, the amount of critical patches has increased. Facing six HotNews notes and seven High Priority notes, there are a lot of patch activities required for SAP customers this month. Please see the notes detail for May 2020 using the below link.
Utilizing Multiple Technologies for an RPA Solution
Several months ago, Protiviti's Marty Gassner joined a team working on a client’s robotic process automation (RPA) project. As the team was getting assembled, we shared a sense of enthusiasm and curiosity to review the requirements and begin devising a solution strategy. With so many ways to apply RPA to business processes, it felt like getting a white elephant gift at the holidays, anticipating what kind of surprise would be awaiting as the contents were revealed. As it turns out, we were not the least bit disappointed.



Join Protiviti, SAP and BigID for The Future of Privacy Webinar on June 16th 

As privacy concerns continue to mount and expand, the world is evolving its view on how to address data privacy in the future. Organizations have two major shifts:

  • Moving their focus from short-term regulation requirements to long-term privacy requirements
  • Realigning their view on tactically focusing on short-term single considerations and transitioning to a long-term comprehensive platform architecture

In this session, we will explain the challenges with evolving long-term needs, technology evolution, key considerations in developing your privacy and protection roadmap, and how AI & ML technologies such as Data Mapping and Protection by BigID are integral to an organization’s success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discuss the challenge with data privacy, security and governance
  • Develop a privacy & protection roadmap that supports future advancements 
  • Learn how SAP's end-to-end approach leverages innovation and next-gen technologies
  • Understand how BigID's comprehensive platform and architecture is the cornerstone to a successful data privacy and protection solution

Protiviti's Enterprise Resilience Webinar Series - On Demand

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We’re facing an unprecedented challenge – but we aren’t facing it alone. We believe there is tremendous value to be gained in sharing and learning from diverse perspectives. These Protiviti and SAP webinars provide you with an opportunity to prioritize your conversations, gain confidence in your own plans and increase your organization’s resilience.

Join us on demand for several SAP topics that are more relevant today given our new remote workforce model. During these one-hour sessions, we will introduce you to topics such as:

  • Gaining efficiencies in your security processes
  • Enabling and automating key Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) activities
  • Facilitating real-time forecasting and planning techniques

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