SAP Insights | June 2022


SAP Insights | June 2022

From Data & Analytics, to Security & Privacy, to Business Process Optimization and Risk & Compliance, we have you covered!  



Embedded Analytics: Make Data the Highlight of your Next Dinner Party

Embedded analytics have rapidly become one of the new “art of the possible” scenarios to add to a long-term business intelligence strategy. In a previous blog post, found here, we provided considerations for analytical leadership within primarily SAP-centric environments. This post intends to help business leaders understand what embedded analytics are and how they can drive action and data-driven decision-making throughout any team.


Considerations for Keeping SAP Cloud Applications Secure

Many SAP customers continue to migrate applications to the cloud and are excited to take advantage of opportunities to innovate, but awareness of the security aspects of cloud-based applications is important to ensure that compliance and risk are kept top of mind. Customers who have traditionally only managed on-premise application security may be unsure of which aspects are new or different with a cloud solution. Additionally, there may be confusion on security responsibilities between the customer and the provider. A recent Protiviti post outlined the Balancing Act of SAP Cloud Security, while this post outlines what companies should be aware of when it comes to securing SAP Cloud applications.




Join Protiviti at SAPinsider 2022 Conference

Join Protiviti at the SAPinsider conference, taking place July 19–21, 2022, at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas! SAPinsider 2022 is home to eight distinctive events that bring together an SAP community of 2,500-plus users, experts, and partners under one roof.

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  • How Stanley Black & Decker Incorporated RPA in an S/4HANA Configurable Controls Implementation
  • Enabling Business Transformation Across the S/4HANA Implementation Life Cycle With CF Industries
  • Cross-System Security Controls With Protiviti and Fastpath
  • Balance Innovation and Risk With SAP in the Cloud 
  • A Detailed Overview of S/4HANA Deployment Options: Cloud vs. On-Prem
  • Central Finance, a Stepping Stone to Full S/4HANA
  • Lessons for Maximizing Controls, Security and GRC Automation for Your S/4HANA Environment
  • Lessons Learned for a Successful Process Mining Program

Session dates and times to be announced soon!







Listen Now: Coffee Break With SAP Game-Changers Podcast

Protiviti MD, Mithilesh Kotwal joined SAP on their Financial Excellence Series of the Coffee Break With Game-Changers podcast. Listen today to the discussion of how CFOs need to develop security measures specifically for the finance function, how to help build external financial safeguards and more.
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