SAP Insights | June 2021

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SAP Insights | June 2021

From Data & Analytics, to Security & Privacy, to Business Process Optimization and Risk & Compliance, we have you covered!


2021 Finance Trends Survey

We are currently conducting our annual finance survey to gain insight on the impact of key risks and challenges currently on the minds of finance executives and professionals. Our survey should require about 15 minutes to complete.
We’ll share the results of our survey in September.




SAP Analytics Cloud Planning and Group Reporting are the Next Generation of Planning and Consolidation

Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) has long been SAP’s flagship product for planning and consolidation. With SAP’s market strategy of going to the cloud, SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) Planning and Group Reporting are now the preferred platforms over BPC. One of the strengths and value propositions of BPC was to have one integrated solution for consolidations and planning.

Lessons Learned During an SAP Risk Management Implementation

Implementation projects can present a variety of unique occurrences that can have both positive and negative effects on the process. Whether these events are problems to be solved or wins for the implementation team, they are also learning opportunities. Whether good or bad, it is key to take a step back and reflect on how the team addressed these events and how there may be opportunities for improvement.

3 Critical Deployment, Implementation Decisions on the S/4HANA Journey

As more companies begin to develop plans for their SAP S/4HANA journey, it is becoming evident that there are several decisions that need to be made to lay the groundwork for establishing an executable plan. With respect to implementation and deployment strategies, there are three critical decisions that must be made.



Unleash the Power of SAP on Microsoft Azure

On Demand
New business process requirements, rising costs and increasing amounts of data can make it a challenge to run and protect business-critical SAP functions. Cloud deployment of SAP solutions, provides a fast, scalable and repeatable process for implementing full SAP stacks in the cloud. Microsoft Azure provides the trusted path to enterprise-ready innovation - bringing the intelligence, security and reliability of Azure to your SAP applications.
In this webinar, our SAP on Azure experts discuss how migrating SAP workloads to Azure can support your business-critical needs and will also cover:
  • How SAP on Azure helps increase performance agility and availability of your SAP Applications
  • What's new with SAP on Azure
  • Customer Highlight - See how SAP on Azure positively impacted a hospitality organization's business


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