SAP Insights | December 2020

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SAP Insights | December 2020

From Data & Analytics, to Security & Privacy, to Business Process Optimization and Risk & Compliance, we have you covered!


Introducing Protiviti InsightViews: An Analytics Quick Start for SAP Customers

Focused on the most relevant information across a broad range of business use cases, InsightsViews will unlock your corporate data and enable teams to turn insights into action.

With InsightViews SAP Customers will be:

  • Up and running in a matter of weeks, not months or years
  • Includes a library of pre-built SAP Analytics content
  • Designed for modern deployment options
  • Supports all SAP HANA configurations
  • Can be deployed on all major Cloud environments


How to Integrate Automated Controls in a Hybrid Agile SAP S/4HANA Implementation

Many organizations have now started their journey to SAP S/4HANA or are currently in the midst of an implementation. It is important to integrate controls early in the implementation, rather than going through the effort of trying to incorporate these after go-live. This is referred to as a “design in” approach, opposed to a “retrofit” approach. Controls are integrated throughout the implementation and design decisions are augmented with real time controls input. Controls are verified with a specific focus in testing and training and confirmed with post go live reviews.

To hear more on the "design in" vs "retrofit" approach, check out our blog!


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A Leadership Perspective: Growing with the Client

Fifteen years ago, I had the good fortune of winning a project to build a data warehouse for National Vision (NVI). The company had recently emerged from bankruptcy, been acquired by a private equity (PE) firm and purchased a like-sized organization named America’s Best. To say it was chaotic, exciting and disruptive to the industry would be an understatement.

The catalyst for our project was a directive from the CEO who wanted timely and trusted information about all facets of his business in a quick and efficient manner. Read more to find out how accomplished this task and build a long lasting relationship.


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8 Key Insights on Digital Transformation and Innovation

At a recent NACD Master Class for active directors, one session (led by Scott Lenet, founder and president of Touchdown Ventures, and Protiviti Managing Director Jonathan Wyatt) contrasted the expected churn in the S&P 500 today versus 50 years ago. Disruption is continuing at a faster pace than ever before, and the pandemic has taught us that the more digitally advanced organizations have proven to be the most resilient. The digital maturity journey provides context for evaluating where your respective organizations stand, while digital transformation prepares businesses to be more resilient when market disruptions arise. Read more to learn 8 key insights from participating directors at the NACD event.



Participate in a Survey on 2021 Top Risks

North Carolina State University’s ERM Initiative, in partnership with Protiviti, would like to invite you to participate in our annual survey on the top risks likely to affect businesses in 2021. Our goal is to determine what executives and board members see as key risk concerns on the horizon for their organizations.



Understanding the Relationship Between Business Continuity Management and Operational Resilience

We often get asked, what is the difference between business continuity management (BCM) and operational resilience? Rather than look at the differences, we believe the best way to answer this question is to look at the relationship between these two programs. Watch our video to learn more about the relationship and key attributes of each program.


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