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SAP Solutions for the Insurance Industry

Surpassing Industry Challenges with SAP S/4HANA and Emerging Technologies Powered by SAP Leonardo

Even before the advent of the coronavirus pandemic earlier this year, the insurance industry was faced with some challenges that were proving difficult to overcome. Consumer expectations and behaviors are changing, as customers demand more self-service and hassle-free online insurance shopping options, driving traditional customer engagement models towards a more digital approach. 

In our work with insurance industry clients, we often recommend SAP’s S/4HANA and SAP Leonardo solutions to form an enterprise digital core. SAP S/4HANA and SAP Leonardo give insurance companies an IT platform to achieve operational excellence and implement leading industry practices in every area of the business.


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A Recipe to Improve Data Literacy Using the SAP Ecosystem 

Modern Analytic Operating Models, DevOps and Data Literacy Initiatives for SAP Analytics

This is the first of several posts that focus on improving data literacy, at a business line and enterprise scale, using technology in the SAP ecosystem.

A Chief Data Officer (CDO) or other senior analytics leadership role sits at the intersection of data processing, capture, storage, governance and utilization
Of these responsibilities, utilization stands out. This term helps extend beyond use to value or return on investment (ROI). This is the core purpose of an enterprise’s analytical assets. Analytical asset examples are SAP BW/4HANA, Data Warehouse Cloud, HANA, Data Services, BusinessObjects, Analytics Cloud, Leonardo, Integrated Business Planning and a number of other technologies.


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A Single Source of Truth for Privacy Programs 

Although we are just past the midpoint of the year 2020, it has already proven to be a time of significant change. We find ourselves doing many things we had never imagined, like evaluating body temperatures as people enter the workplace, the retail store or the school. But even before the advent of the coronavirus, we were in the midst of a sea change, from how we interact with each other to how we pay for goods, how we target customers and how we collect data – all of which are key drivers of privacy regulation. 

This blog, which recaps a recent webinar we conducted, reviews the current state of data privacy regulations and what companies are doing to cover the ever-changing landscape that defines data privacy today.


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The Business Case for SAP S/4HANA Research Report   

In Q2 of 2020, SAPinsider surveyed members of the SAPinsider Community to understand how they are building their business cases for SAP S/4HANA. By reading this report readers will:

  • Learn about the primary internal and external pressures impacting business cases;
  • Understand what issues are most instrumental in building the business case; 
  • See how respondents plan to measure the results; 
  • Receive recommendations for building their own business case.


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SAP financial management

Automate and streamline finance - from reconciliation and consolidation to compliance and reporting 

The pressure on finance and accounting teams is greater than ever as organizations navigate unprecedented business conditions. However, opportunities for improvement and transformation are equally abundant given the availability of advanced finance and accounting technology and solutions. This unique virtual event blends the collective knowledge of the world’s foremost experts in finance and accounting solutions from SAP, leading partners, and customers. SAPinsider's mission is to share strategies, best practices, and practical advice to help organizations make both incremental improvements and complete transformations of current processes. 

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Join SAPinsider's Your Move to SAP S/4HANA Summit featuring a two-day LIVE experience Oct 14-15, On-demand access to over 40 actionable roadmap, case study, collaboration, and solution sessions, plus the ability to engage with a targeted ecosystem of technology partners. 

SAP S/4HANA is one of the most important projects and decisions SAP customers will face. This event will help you and your team with every phase of your decision and project journey from business case - to project preparation - to go live. Join thought leaders, product experts, analysts, and SAPinsiders from around the world to build your roadmap to success. 

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Protiviti's Enterprise Resilience Webinar Series: Register Today!

We’re facing an unprecedented challenge – but we aren’t facing it alone. We believe there is tremendous value to be gained in sharing and learning from diverse perspectives. These Protiviti and SAP webinars provide you with an opportunity to prioritize your conversations, gain confidence in your own plans and increase your organization’s resilience.
Join us on demand for several SAP topics that are more relevant today given our new remote workforce model.
Enterprise resilience webinar

Practical Guide to SAP Security Webinar Series

Business-critical applications such as SAP are at the core of your business activities and many organizations depend on SAP to run their daily business. To protect your SAP landscape against various cyber threats, prevention, detection and response capabilities are essential. This practical guide to SAP Security gives you insights on how to integrate these capabilities into your organizations to reduce your organizations SAP cyber risks.

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