SAP Insights | April 2021

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SAP Insights | April 2021

From Data & Analytics, to Security & Privacy, to Business Process Optimization and Risk & Compliance, we have you covered!



Upgrading to GRC 12? Time’s Up!

On December 31, as the world was saying goodbye (or in many cases, good riddance!) to 2020, SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) 10 users were saying a different goodbye as well. When the clock struck midnight, SAP officially ended mainstream support of the GRC 10 application. 

Any organization that is still running Access Control, Process Control or Risk Management 10.x will need to upgrade to GRC 12 as soon as possible to avoid any SAP support disruptions with their GRC application. Not planning for or delaying the upgrade process can result in the inability to receive support or assuming and accepting additional costs for customer-specific support.





Register for a 2-Part Series on Financial Planning

Part 1: May 26 @ 11am ET
How to Adopt a Hybrid Lens for your Financial Planning Strategy
As the future of planning becomes more cloud-focused, businesses like yours are faced with options. You can hold onto your on-premise solution and its familiar functionalities, re-invest with the Cloud and all its innovations, or take a step-by-step approach and explore a hybrid strategy that allows you to transition to the Cloud at your own pace.
Join us with National Vision and trusted SAP Partner, Protiviti, in this webinar series to learn how to leverage Cloud capabilities and your existing investments in processes and historical plan data.

Part 2: June 2 @ 11am ET
How to Adopt a Hybrid Lens for your Financial Planning Strategy
What if we told you there is an approach that enables you to keep up with technological changes while still leveraging your existing data and what you’ve built within your legacy systems? SAP’s hybrid strategy allows you to achieve just that.
In this webinar, learn how you can scale your financial and operational planning by extending SAP Business Planning and Consolidation with SAP Analytics Cloud. We’ll have experts from Protiviti and the SAP Global Center of Excellence dive into how you can leverage SAP Analytics Cloud’s planning, predictive, and analytics capabilities for better decision-making.



Why Now is the Best Time to Move to HANA 2.0 - Part 2: The Migration

In Part 1, we reviewed what can be gained from the move. Part 2 covers the migration itself.

In this blog, we describe three of those options, along with their relative levels of effort and potential benefits. First is a simple technical upgrade of the HANA database without any content migration or XSA preparation. Second, an upgrade in which the environment is prepared for XSA development and a small set of content is migrated as a proof-of-concept. And finally, a full migration of all content from XSC to XSA.


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Decisions, Decisions: Choosing the Right SAP Fiori Deployment Scenario

Few things are certain in SAP, but one thing for certain is every Fiori deployment needs a Fiori Front End Server (FES). However, every deployment team must answer the question: ‘How will the FES be deployed?’ 

Fiori FES contains the grouping of technologies that are required to leverage the improved UI and mobility that Fiori offers. Each available deployment option has pros and cons including from cost, upgradability and connectivity. Changing the deployment scenario down the road would require considerable effort.

Key Ingredients for a Successful SAP Finance Transformation

Finance transformation is a top priority of most organizations. With recent disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, companies have struggled to scale their finance operations and find answers on major KPIs such as working capital and cash flow. These insights are key to addressing quick decision making to keep operations outpacing the ever-changing economic landscape.


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Understanding Business Responsibilities During an SAP S/4HANA or Central Finance Transformation Journey - Part 1

In this two-part series, we look at how each of these seven key factors might impact the initiative.

Any large business transformation or technology migration project brings inherent challenges that make the need for clarity a must. A poorly executed project can create risks such as negative impacts to financial performance, damage to brand, loss of customers and goodwill, and loss of talent.


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5-Part Webinar Series - On Demand

Enabling Your Financial Transformation Journey Leveraging SAP Solutions

According to Protiviti’s 2020 Finance Trends Survey, the Office of the CFO is crucial to driving digital transformation. Financial planning/analysis, strategic planning, profitability reporting, and data security and privacy are highly ranked finance priorities. These activities deliver the analysis and insights that businesses count on to make critical decisions. But where do you start?

Our 5-part on demand SAP webinar series to learn how our Phase 0 approach and a well-designed roadmap can enable your finance transformation journey while exploring how SAP solutions can improve your processes, productivity, user experience, operational performance and, most importantly, your profitability.

  • Analyzing Your Finance and Operational Performance with SAP Analytics Cloud Planning
  • Optimizing Processes and User Experience with SAP Fiori
  • Phase 0 - Preparing for Your Financial Transformation Journey with SAP
  • Executing Your Finance Transformation with SAP S/4HANA Finance
  • Protecting S/4HANA Finance with Emerging Security and Control Technologies



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