Compliance Risk Management

Compliance Risk Management
Compliance Risk Management


Regulatory compliance is an enabler of innovation.

There's a better way to manage the burden that is regulatory compliance. Imagine if functions were aligned to business objectives, processes were optimized, and procedures were automated and enabled by data and technology. Regulatory requirements would be met with efficiency. Controls become predictive instead of reactive. Employees derive more value from their roles. The business can take comfort that their reputation is protected, allowing it to focus on growth and innovation. 

A strong regulatory compliance function leads to more than reduced risk of non-compliance and regulatory penalties, but leads also to improved customer experience, enhanced brand loyalty and increased value for stakeholders. Compliance is table stakes, but it can also provide a unique competitive edge. 

Protiviti helps organizations:

  • Integrate compliance into agile teams
  • Leverage analytics for forward-looking, predictive controls
  • Apply regulatory compliance expertise and utilize automated workflow tools for more efficient remediation of compliance enforcement actions or issues
  • Develop regulatory compliance and performance measures that take into consideration customer needs, business objectives, and regulatory changes
  • Translate customer and compliance needs into design requirements for new products or services
  • Establish routines for monitoring regulatory compliance performance
  • Develop, execute, and integrate a regulatory compliance technology ecosystem that enables efficient and effective compliance activities


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