CCAR / DFAST Stress Testing

CCAR / DFAST Stress Testing
CCAR / DFAST Stress Testing


US financial institutions with $10 billion of assets or more must undergo stress testing as mandated by the Dodd-Frank Act. Institutions with $50 billion of assets or more face an even more rigorous program, known as Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) stress testing.  


CCAR and Dodd-Frank Act Stress Testing (DFAST) exercises are performed periodically, and require financial institutions to produce forward-looking projections for credit losses, balance sheet/income statement and other variables, based on forward-looking scenarios for various macroeconomic variables. The projections must be mathematically appropriate and useful for business decision making.  Models must be well-designed, validated, controlled, and fit for the specific purpose of stress testing.


Protiviti’s Model Risk team has performed a large number of model validations and model developments for models for stress testing, for a large proportion of institutions required to provide CCAR and DFAST submissions. Our work spans all relevant business units and purposes, including models used to project credit losses, revenues, income, allowance, risk-weighted assets, and other balance sheet items. 


Because of our focus on quality, our work has been well-received by our clients and by the regulatory community.

Our Areas of Expertise Include:

stress testing model development

Stress Testing Model Development

Protiviti has built stress testing models for several large U.S. banks for both CCAR and DFAST stress tests.  Protiviti evaluated the correlation between economic and bank specific input variables and risk metrics to develop models for stress testing projections.

stress testing model validation

Stress Testing Model Validation

We have conducted model validation work for DFAST and CCAR models for operational risk, pre-provision net revenue, credit risk loss, and other models at national and regional banks. We evaluated regression modeling and provided suggestions for model enhancements noting issues with certain models requiring model updates prior to submission to the Federal Reserve Board and other national supervisors.

stress testing internal audit support

Stress Testing Internal Audit Support

Our internal audit SMEs have audited model development and validation controls across all model types and stress testing process reviews spanning all years of CCAR/DFAST model submissions. We have identified issues with model risk management, credit risk modeling and operational risk modeling and made recommendations to better address correlation between risk types.