The Pulse: Protiviti's Healthcare Industry Updates


The Pulse: Protiviti's Healthcare Industry Updates


Welcome to Protiviti's quarterly newsletter The Pulse, a roundup of our most recently released healthcare thought leadership. We hope this compilation of healthcare highlights will help you stay up-to-date on the key issues healthcare organizations need to know. Let us know how we are doing and if there is anything else we can do to help your organization be more successful.


Healthcare Provider Internal Audit Plan Priorities

The Survey includes key findings from the latest survey conducted by Protiviti and AHIA on Healthcare Provider Organization Internal Audit Plan Priorities. Funding, privacy, security and IT system changes dominate priorities for healthcare internal auditors. It's time to improve the capabilities of your internal audit function to begin your next-gen journey.


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Blog | Patient Safety: Ensure a Strong Culture and Commitment

Ensuring patient safety starts with establishing a culture of safety, which is the foundation for building all patient-safety efforts. Kim Pardini-Kiely, Julia Russell and Radgia Cook share their insights in this article for AHIA’s New Perspectives.


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Blog | Revenue Integrity Program: Prevent Revenue Leakage and Compliance Issues

The Revenue Integrity Program governs overall operational performance monitoring and improvement of processes within revenue leakage and compliance issues. Bryan Beaudoin, Joe O’Malley and Don Billingsley discuss in this article for AHIA’s New Perspectives.


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Blog | Top Security Pitfalls for Medical Devices at Healthcare Providers

Technology advances and medical treatment innovations have led to many medical devices becoming more connected (and interconnected) to healthcare provider networks via various mechanisms. This is achievable through both wired and wireless information communication vehicles and protocols. But these devices also introduce cybersecurity and safety risks.


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Implement a Revenue Integrity Program to Stop Losing Revenue

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The program serves as a catalyst for positive change by fostering internal problem-solving techniques and clear escalation pathways for timely issue resolution.


October 19, 2021

3–4 p.m. EDT


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Healthcare Payer Fraud, Waste and Abuse — How to Prevent, Detect and Respond

A diverse panel of experts and thought leaders discuss their personal observations, plus trends and best practices that can be leveraged to best protect your organization.


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Internal Auditing Around the World Volume 17— Going Beyond Limits to Build Resiliency

Elizabeth Brinn, a former hospital bookkeeper, saw too many people in her home city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, struggling to access affordable healthcare. So, she took on the daunting challenge of finding a solution. Read how Centene's belief that "every individual deserves access to high-quality healthcare with dignity" reflects Brinn's original vision in the latest volume of Protiviti’s Internal Auditing Around the World.


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Amid COVID-19 Global Healthcare Company Tackles Finance Transformation to Support Business Expansion

Companies experiencing rapid growth frequently find it difficult to scale their operations at a pace that fully supports the expanding business. For one healthcare company in particular, that task became even more challenging last year when a global pandemic ushered in remote working and further separated intensely data-centric functions that happened to be siloed in the first place.

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Private Equity-Owned Healthcare Company Takes on Revenue Recognition to Strengthen its IPO Foundation

The company and Protiviti collaborated on a cross-solution approach, leveraging accounting, business process and technology experts to create custom-coded reports and optimize and automate processes to manage the revenue cycle more sustainably.

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