The Post-Quantum World

The Post-Quantum World

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Quantum computing capabilities are exploding causing disruption and opportunities, but many technology and business leaders don’t understand the impact this technology will have on their business. Listen to our bi-weekly podcast, The Post-Quantum World, as we discuss hot topics and the business impacts, benefits and threats of this exciting new capability.

In each episode, hosted by Konstantinos Karagiannis – Protiviti quantum computing services lead, our guest quantum experts and business leaders discuss and share insights and actions all organizations should be considering today to prepare for mass adoption of quantum computing.

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A 100-Qubit Quantum Computer Arrives

Classical computing cannot simulate more than about 50 qubits. What does it mean that we now have a quantum computer with, gasp, 100 qubits? ColdQuanta found a way to beat giants like IBM to this amazing feat, and they did it with a new approach that may lead to smaller quantum computing systems that could be rack-mountable one day. Like a reverse microwave, the new Hilbert computer uses lasers to slow down particle vibrations to make them “cold” and able to act as qubits. Hilbert even touts low errors and high connectivity.  

Guest Speaker:  Paul Lipman, President of Quantum Computing at ColdQuanta


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Bridging the Gap
Between Algorithms and Machines

Guest Speaker:  Fred Chong, Founder EPiQC 


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Turning High-Level Models into Optimized Quantum Circuits 

Guest Speaker: : Yuval Boger, Chief Marketing Officer - Classiq  


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Building a new Type of Quantum Computer with Superfluid Helium

Guest Speaker: Nick Farina, CEO at EeroQ.


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Past Podcasts

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Guest Speaker: Denis Mandich, CTO at Qrypt




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Guest Speakers:
Richard Moulds, General Manager – Amazon Braket, AWS
Bob Liscouski, CEO, Quantum Computing Inc.



Will Portfolio Optimization Prove Quantum Advantage this Year?

Guest Speaker:  Sam Mugel, Chief Technology Officer, Multiverse Computing



Quantum Computing Use Cases

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Honeywell’s Roadmap to Quantum Value

Guest Speaker: Justin Ging, Chief Commercial Officer, Honeywell Quantum Solutions



Microsoft Azure Quantum: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Guest Speaker - Paul Edlund, Chief Technologist, Midwest for Microsoft



Bitcoin may be doomed. What  can we learn from The Quantum Resistant Ledger?

Guest Speaker - Michael Strike,The Quantum Resistant Ledger


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