GP Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management
GP Enterprise Risk Management


Top executives and boards of corporations around the globe continue to juggle the many challenges of running an organization – managing risks and complying with regulations while increasing stakeholder value and meeting corporate objectives. Management wants to address these challenges at an enterprise level, but needs to break out of a high-cost silo approach.

The Governance Portal for Risk Management allows you to:

Create a risk model or framework that documents your organization’s common risk language, allowing you to compare and manage risks across the entire organization.

Deploy risk assessments through an integrated survey engine, helping you to identify and focus on the right risks at the right time to minimize exposure.

Develop response strategies to address identified risks and manage the implementation and execution of the strategies through completion.

Identify key risk indicators and establish acceptable thresholds that generate alerts to stakeholders and executives when thresholds are violated, allowing you to take quick action to mitigate risk.

Manage incidents and their impact on your business through data collection, reporting, root cause identification, and accountability. In addition, you can conduct what-if analysis for planning purposes.