Application Portfolio Optimization

Application Portfolio Optimization
Application Portfolio Optimization


Protiviti’s Application Portfolio Optimization professionals help companies ensure that their portfolio of IT projects, applications and infrastructure are providing cost-effective benefits to the organization.


Organizations are confronted with a multitude of business and technology related needs on an ongoing basis. Defining an organization's technology road map and portfolio requires an effective process to analyze the priorities and make sure that the necessary resources are assigned to the efforts. A lack of defined IT metrics and information can make it even more difficult to forecast and measure IT portfolio performance. Changing business objectives, along with a significant number of concurrently running projects or external events, contribute to the increasing cost of IT and the failure of IT to accomplish all business requirements.  Research by Gartner suggests that approximately 20 percent of IT investment is wasted. Meanwhile, research from Butler Group revealed that within most organizations, only 7 percent of IT investment results in the creation of value.


Protiviti’s Application Portfolio Optimization consultants help clients implement systems and processes that allow them to evaluate and monitor the portfolio of IT projects, applications, and infrastructure to ensure cost-effective benefits to the organization. Our services include:

  • Defining project portfolio management processes
  • Identifying opportunities for reducing application cost
  • Ensuring projects are delivering the intended business returns and are appropriately prioritized and scheduled
  • Implementing metrics for monitoring portfolio performance