Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management
Business Continuity Management


BCM: The recovery of technology systems and environments in the event of a disruption.


Sustainable BCM plans are built to adapt and respond to a complex and changing business environment, while accommodating major system transformations. When preparing for potential disruptions, both internal and external factors must be considered thoroughly, including:

  • Rapid transition from traditional IT delivery and architectural models to emerging technologies (cloud, mobile, social, etc.)
  • The need to modify existing procedures to accommodate changes in business process structure and organization
  • Increased scrutiny of third parties as critical components of business service delivery
  • Increased scrutiny by regulators and boards of directors regarding recovery risk
  • Expanded responsibility for managing worldwide business ecosystem as global operations rapidly increase


Top frequently asked questions about BCM

  • What is the relationship between business continuity and enterprise risk management (ERM)?
  • Does HIPAA include a requirement to implement BCM process?
  • What are all the BCM mandates an organization should consider?
  • How should regulations and standards shape the development of a BCM program?
  • Is there a best practice approach to business continuity planning (BCP)?


In our latest IT Priorities Survey, CIOs ranked BCM and disaster recovery among their primary areas of focus. Management teams recognize the need for continuity planning and crisis management as a part of an overall risk management program. Boards of directors, investors and key stakeholders are much more interested in planning for a resilient enterprise with capabilities to continue critical operations through a disruption.


How We Can Help
Our business-oriented BCM approach is based on risks associated with key processes. We constantly test, measure, monitor and validate events to ensure adherence to your regulatory requirements. Protiviti’s business and risk consulting heritage gives us a unique perspective in how we think about business continuity – a perspective that enables an agile BCM governance program responsive to complex and changing environment.


We incorporate business process consultants and industry expertise in event recovery planning, and provide expertise in:

  • IT process risk and controls. We work with our clients to design and implement processes that provide confidence your business will continue in the face of unplanned disruptions.
  • Crisis, pandemic, process, IT and governance components of BCM.
  • Analysis, development and implementation of comprehensive business continuity and recovery plans to ensure the availability of critical business processes.