Registration Process

Registration Process
Registration Process


Many pre-public companies fall short in managing the various aspects of resources, knowledge and expertise required for IPO-preparation. Further exacerbating the situation, these challenges often come with a tight or accelerating deadline for going public as the need to prioritize and manage multiple requests from outside counsel, underwriters and external auditors. One of the most daunting tasks of going public is the registration process. Companies that attempt to add an IPO project, and specifically the registration process, to existing finance, accounting and legal functions run the risk of delays in task completion and issue resolution once “the clock has started” on registration. Today’s public windows open and close quickly. This favors IPO candidates that are prepared when the market is favorable.


Protiviti helps organizations minimize the distraction of the registration statement process through establishment of an effective PMO. A PMO that:

  • Defines the activities that make up the various work streams and also builds and ensures timelines are realistic and aligned among all the parties involved
  • Oversees all project activities at both a enterprisewide and detailed level; the PMO also creates a status tracking and reporting mechanism that highlights key deliverables, due dates, responsible parties, project risks and project status 
  • Acts as the key point of contact for the numerous advisors involved in the IPO, helping to coordinate and act as a liaison between the company and outside providers
  • Evaluates resource needs and works with the company to staff the engagement appropriately
  • Facilitates knowledge transfer for policies and procedures of the newly public enterprise
  • Supports development of applicable quarterly an segment information
  • Supports development of MD&A, CD&A and other SEC reporting (non-GAAP measures)


The result is a well-managed effort of the registration process ensures your company hits every milestone and delivers its public offering on time, within budget and during the window of greatest opportunity.