Public Company Readiness Assessment & Roadmap Development

Public Company Readiness Assessment & Roadmap Development
Public Company Readiness Assessment & Roadmap Development


Pre-public and newly public companies face many risks during their transformation process. Protiviti’s Public Company Readiness Assessment helps companies develop a road map and determine the appropriate infrastructure necessary to manage these risks. 


Our assessment takes a deep, practical approach during a company’s public company readiness process and results in a value-creating, not just a “check the box”’ exercise. This initial step focuses on six key areas:

  • Accurate Financial Reporting – Your company must ensure it has the requisite skills and organization to understand the application of all relevant accounting principles and ensure accurate financial reporting.
  • Efficient Financial Close – To meet the SEC filing requirements, your company must ensure it has an accurate and efficient financial close process.
  • Appropriate Corporate Governance and SOX Compliance – Ensuring your company has a robust, regulatory and corporate governance understanding and an efficient, internal control environment is critical to achieving initial and ongoing compliance with both SOX and retail industry regulations.
  • Scalable IT Environment – Reviewing the IT system environment/infrastructure to ensure your company is able to handle projected growth in the business is imperative in being public.
  • Effective Registration Statement Process – Ensuring the distraction of the registration statement process to the business is minimized and the process is effectively managed by a Project Management Office (PMO).
  • Organizational Capabilities – Reviewing key functions and skills needed to facilitate anticipated sustainable, scalable growth as a public company.


We have the expertise to help you assess and then manage each or all of these key areas. Our professionals can act as the PMO and/or subject-matter experts enabling you to address these areas with the speed and completeness the marketplace demands.


Protiviti’s IPO readiness assessment confirmed the key areas we needed to focus on and provided a road map for the S-1 process and beyond.  Their project management office (PMO) assistance kept us on track and helped us efficiently manage the process.
    –  Mike D. James, Chief Financial Officer, Gordmans, Inc