IT Due Diligence

IT Due Diligence
IT Due Diligence


Protiviti’s IT Due Diligence specialists provide the experience and insight organizations need for a comprehensive pre-merger or pre-acquisition analysis of a target company’s IT infrastructure and organization. 


Too often, reviews of a target company’s IT assets are limited to infrastructure risk reviews, perfunctory budgetary analyses and quick site visits for physical asset confirmation. Such reports produce one-dimensional views of a current state that fail to consider whether the target’s IT environment is consistent with investment goals. The lapse can negatively impact 100-day plans, create cost overruns or impede process improvement plans. IT is often well-positioned to support or derail the best-laid growth, expansion or integration plans. Surprisingly, the challenges are often not the equipment or systems, but the processes, organization and governance of the IT group.


An insightful, business-based assessment of IT can minimize execution risk and, in some cases, impact valuation. Protiviti’s unique risk consulting heritage gives us a more holistic approach to IT due diligence. We understand that budgetary and execution risk can exist in people, processes and systems. We frame our observations in business terms that are easily related to investment objectives. We uncover weaknesses that are often only visible when viewed in the context of investment goals, not the current operations. We supplement our analysis with commentary on IT process and the governance model because we believe that the rigor and maturity of these procedures correlate directly to the IT organization's ability to provide value, mitigate future risks and respond to change.


The services we offer include:  

  • High-level IT Due Diligence Review
  • Detailed IT Due Diligence Reporting