Managing Risk While Strategically Aligning IT with Your Organizational Vision

Managing Risk While Strategically Aligning IT with Your Organizational Vision

Protiviti’s Healthcare IT Solutions

These are challenging but exciting times for healthcare organizations, especially with regard to IT – according to our research, three out of four healthcare organizations are undergoing a major IT transformation.1 Within the healthcare industry, such transformation is even more acute considering that it introduces new and disruptive technologies in a heavily regulated environment.

Adapting to the new normal simply to sustain growth is daunting, but how do you thrive amid challenges such as healthcare reform in the United States, looming HIPAA compliance audits, security breaches, social media misuse, increased fraud regulations, recoupment of Meaningful Use funds, ICD-10 uncertainty, resource shortages, vendor shortfalls, misaligned business intelligence and data analytics efforts, initiatives to provide more agile service while reducing costs, and scrutiny on electronic health records utilization?

From an IT perspective, there’s never been a greater emphasis on the adoption of, and reliance on, new technologies. Innovation in healthcare continues to push the boundaries of how care is provided. In turn, healthcare organizations are finding their sensitive data is being accessed and utilized in many new ways. This proliferation of data onto a vast array of portable devices, cloud providers and other technologies makes the IT and data environment difficult to control or to maintain the pace of change – from basic blocking and tackling to cutting-edge solutions for complex problems.

Our Healthcare IT Solutions

In this challenging environment, Protiviti can help you not only to manage these challenges, but turn them into competitive advantages. We work with healthcare providers (including large multihospital health systems), community hospitals, post-acute delivery systems, physician-owned hospital management companies, managed service organizations, Medicare Advantage plans, other private healthcare insurance payers, pharmaceutical companies, life science and biotechnology firms, and medical device companies. We also work with a variety of nontraditional healthcare organizations that are finding themselves impacted by today’s regulatory landscape.

Our Healthcare IT experts help healthcare organizations design and implement IT governance, security, data management, application and compliance solutions. We partner with CIOs and other healthcare IT and business leaders to help them enhance and protect the value of their business with technology, enabling them to maximize their information systems investments while mitigating key risks.

1According to healthcare industry respondents in Protiviti’s 2014 IT Priorities Survey.


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