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Here you will find an array of publications for your reading on relevant topics to help your organization accelerate innovation in Payments and Banking through:

Customer Experience

Getting to the Heart of Customer Experience – Insights from Protiviti’s 2016 Consumer Banking Survey

Read more about consumer perceptions of their experience, what banks are doing well and where improvements are needed.

Key FS Industry Results From 2017 IA Capabilities & Needs Survey

Payments, Retail Banking & FinTech Solutions

Protiviti offers some valuable solutions related to Customer Experience: Strategy, Customer/Client Experience, Product/Portfolio Management, Operations, Data and analytics, Risk & Fraud, IT, Security & Privacy. Get the details here.

Balancing Customer Experience with Security and Fraud Controls 

Consumers and regulators are concerned about the security and fraud controls the emerging players provide, if the start-up companies offering these products have not considered these issues fully from the outset. Read more.

The Branch Transformation Journey - Achieving Balance between Efficiency, Digitization & Customer Experience 

Protiviti identifies some key elements of Future Branch Transformation Initiatives. Those are: Format, Technology, Predictive Analytics, 360 Degree Customer View, Workforce and Governance, Channel Convergence.

Contact Center Optimization 

Optimized call centers focus on people, process and technology to deliver more value to the customer while simultaneously becoming more efficient.

Deliver on Your Promises: Re-Imagine the Customer Journey

Some considerations when re-designing your customer journey: Organization/Mindset, Technology, Fraud/Security Processes, Risk and Compliance.


Technology Modernization

Catching the Digital Wave of Change

A digital revolution is taking place that is transforming the world. Over the next years, many organizations will have to go through radical change programs and, reinvent themselves to remain competitive.


Key FS Industry Results From 2017 IA Capabilities & Needs Survey

Prepare for Blockchain Disruption

Blockchain, the secure distributed ledger of digital events that uses consensus and cryptography to validate each transaction.

Innovating Payments

Financial technology, or fintech, firms are promising to revolutionize the person-to- person (P2P) and business-to-business (B2B) payments industry, and are already causing a seismic shift in this sector.


Is the Sky Really the Limit?  A Cloud Computing Forecast in Numbers

Forecasting cloud computing in numbers in terms of: Future Spending, Cloud Services Market, Corporate forecast, Software, Platforms and Infrastructures as Services. Get the answers in the report.

Cloud Adoption: Putting the Cloud at the Heart of Business and IT Strategy

Cloud computing is rapidly maturing, It can no longer be considered a fad or an emerging technology; it is now an intrinsic part of the enterprise landscape.


The Road to Renewal: Modernizing Aging Core Systems at Financial Institutions 

Here we examine the need for this type of renewal, asses the risks and benefits of core modernization and identify approaches to this undertaking.


Modernizing Legacy Systems in Insurance

Insurers are highly dependent on technology, but their core IT systems, like mainframe technology are aging rapidly and causing problems. To correct this insurers need to modernize their systems.

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Podcast - Tyrone Canaday Discusses the Rise of Artificial Intelligence and Payments Innovation.

Protiviti ERP solutions

Advanced Analytics

AML and Data Governance: How Well Do You KYD? 

Financial institutions often overlook a tenet of effective AML compliance – “know your data.” KYD requires knowledge of data lineage, systems, storage, and the way the data is leveraged across AML processes.


Business Transformation

Digital Innovation: The Evolution of Financial Technology

This white paper brings together a sample of Protiviti’s thought leadership on financial technology products and services, as well as issues relating to digitalization projects. 

Enabling Speed of Innovation Through Effective Third-Party Risk Management

This white paper summarizes key elements of an effective third-party risk management lifecycle and how to manage the elements of an R&D process adapted for innovation to support and streamline growth and adopt new technology. 

Evolving a payments business to meet the demands of a distributed economy

Protivit's Managing Director Tyrone Canaday discusses the rapid pace of change in payments technological innovation, how fintech is redefining business models, and more.


Achieving Business Efficiency 

For business to preserve profit margins, they need to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness. Our model focuses on business efficiencies centered on customer experience that drives competitive advantage.

Looking Deeper into Robotic Automation

Businesses are undergoing a new age in robotics. Visionary companies plan ahead to face the future with confidence. Read about our considerations for robotic process and desktop automation.



Risk and Compliance 

Empowering Second Line Functions to Enable Innovation: Digitalization and the Second Line of Defense

Technological advancement is an unstoppable force. Customers will demand innovation. It is therefore essential that risk, compliance and security teams are not viewed as too risk averse and rather become enablers of innovation.

FinTech and Innovation in Lending

Fintech firms need to focus on some key areas as highlighted in this report. This will help convince the regulators that the industry is innovating safely, and will help stabilize the fintech company.

Partnering and Investing in FinTech Lenders

Fintech companies deliver an innovative approach to lending, however this is not without a level of credit and operational risk. The report highlights the importance of “responsible” innovation, due diligence & transparency and regulatory landscape.

Fintech Compliance Readiness 

While new entrants need to get up to speed quickly on their regulatory requirements, traditional financial service firms, also need to be aware of any additional compliance requirements.

Agile Risk Management – Re-engineering Risk Solutions to Enable Business Strategies

As the global economy remains uncertain, and competition getting fiercer than ever, the global financial crisis has forced financial services firms to operate in a challenging environment.

The Protiviti Risk Index™ - A Single-number Snapshot of Organizational Risk

Protiviti’s conversations with Board members and executives of leading financial services firms across the globe have frequently come back to three simple questions. Know what those are in our report.


Security and Fraud

Enhancing Security & Privacy in Financial Services Firms

Cybercriminal activity against global companies surged in the past year, with financial institutions continuing to be targeted for their high value information.

Payment Security: Securing the Path Toward Wider Adoption of Mobile Payments

The rapidly changing landscape has resulted in greater risk to data and payment security, and is challenging the financial services industry to increase measures to protect both customers and financial firms.