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First movers gain performance benefits, others pay a steep laggard penalty


New York, NY - October 3, 2017 – The convergence of digitization, globalization, and consumerization will reshape the investment industry by 2022. For most executives, the question is no longer if the industry will go through a digital metamorphosis, but when and how they can ensure their organizations are not left behind.

According to a report published today by Roubini ThoughtLab, a leading global research firm, investment providers that go fully digital will see major gains: firms in later stages of digital transformation report increases of 8.6% in revenue, 11.3% in productivity, and 6.3% in market share. Digital laggards stand to lose $79 million per billion dollars of revenue a year—and risk falling out of the race altogether.

The new report, titled Wealth and Asset Management 2022: The Path to Digital Leadership, provides actionable insights into the industry’s future. It is based on a survey of 1,503 investment providers from 15 countries, advisory panels and in-depth interviews with over 100 industry leaders and experts, and rigorous benchmarking analysis. The research was conducted in conjunction with a diverse coalition of sponsors, including Appway, Broadridge Financial Solutions, Cisco, eToro, J.P. Morgan Asset Management, Oracle, Protiviti, Sapient Consulting, and the Vauban Group.

The CEO digital imperative

The research shows that digital transformation is now at the top of the agenda for industry CEOs, who are facing escalating demands from investors and an anticipated $30 trillion generational wealth transfer. The speed of change has been remarkable. While in ThoughtLab’s 2016 investment industry study 24% of CEOs said that digital transformation was unimportant or slightly important, nearly all industry CEOs (96%) surveyed this year now view digital transformation as central to their business.

According to the research, 99% of investment providers are now in the process of digital transformation. About a quarter of firms are just beginning their digital journey, almost half are transitioning, and slightly over a quarter are maturing. Only 2.3% of firms emerged as digital leaders, defined as companies that have used digital technology to transform their processes, products, and customer interactions. Over the next five years, 20% of firms expect to be digital leaders, and a further 47%, digitally mature. 

Investor expectations are changing faster than firms can react

Investment firms report rising demands for product simplicity/transparency (49%), anytime, anywhere, any device access (45%), robust cybersecurity (43%), and more innovative products (32%). But with Silicon Valley setting the pace for digital innovation, investment firms will struggle to keep up. For example, the survey shows that 80% of retail banks are now behind on smart beta; 71% of broker-dealers are not ready for fintech; and 50% of asset managers are not prepared for holistic goal planning.

“Investors no longer compare investment providers just against their financial peers, but against Amazon and Google,” says Lou Celi, CEO of Roubini ThoughtLab and the director of the research. “They want the same level of customer-centricity, transparency, and ease of use that they have come to expect from the retail and technology sectors.”

The hallmarks of a digital leader

To thrive in the coming industry shakeout, firms will want to position themselves as digital leaders. The research showed that digital leaders excel in seven key ways:

  1. A digital vision and business case. 97% of digital leaders identify future growth areas from digital innovation and 85% ensure close coordination between digital and business teams.
  2. A cogent digital transformation plan. 82% execute a full digital transformation of their business and 77% develop a properly staged road map to digital leadership. 
  3. A culture of innovation. Digital leaders foster a culture of innovation (85%), encourage the cross-pollination of digital ideas (79%), and reward intrapreneurship (77%).
  4. A customer-centric mindset. Digital leaders are customer-obsessed. Our survey shows that 91% focus on analyzing customer expectations and 88% put the customer at the center of innovation.
  5. An agile product development process. Digital leaders in our study strive to shorten times to market (85%) and adapt products to meet evolving customer digital needs (82%).
  6. Early adoption of advanced technology. 94% harness analytics throughout their businesses, 88% have a range of fintech capabilities, and 85% have systems for tracking emerging technologies.
  7. A digital team to drive change. 94% of digital leaders provide digital business training, 79% create dedicated digital groups, and another 79% are creative in attracting and retaining staff.

Staying ahead of the technology curve

The report shows that cloud platforms will become essential for driving digital innovation by 2022: about 59% of digital leaders will replace their legacy systems with cloud platforms. This will make it easier to embrace game-changing technologies, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, robotics, cryptographic technology, and APIs, which are all poised for high growth among investment providers.

The report indicates that digital leaders are well ahead of others in creating a seamless customer experience. The majority are taking steps to adapt the channel mix to support their customers digital behaviors, providing easy 24/7 access through any device, and leveraging data and analytics to fully understand their clients’ needs and behaviors. Digital client onboarding is fast becoming the norm: 43% of firms now offer it, and the number will rise to 69% by 2022.

The future of work

Investment providers are taking measures to ensure they have the right talent to drive their digital agendas and achieve a “bionic” model that seamlessly combines human advisors and automated solutions. Over one-third of investment providers believe that digital technology will improve decision making (38%) and productivity (36%), but at the same time it will require greater skills in key areas, such as innovation (35%), digital (33%), analytical (32%), and communication (32%).

The research shows that firms in later stages of digital maturity, including digital leaders and maturing firms, now spend 11.6% of their revenue on technology, and plan to increase that investment to 17% by 2022. While these investments can be large, the payback is even larger. Based on a five-year payback, investment providers on average see an ROI of 5.5% (of revenue) per year when they move from a beginning to a transitioning stage, and an ROI of 5% when they go from transitioning to mature.

 “With digital expectations rising rapidly, and a new generation of digital natives in sight, the stakes are high. This is not just about ROI, it is about survival,” says Celi.

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