Shareholders and the broader economy benefit when companies have effective internal control over financial reporting. In the United States, the share prices of companies reporting under Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) requirements do not perform as well when they report that their internal financial reporting controls are ineffective or have received an adverse opinion from their auditors. Investors require confidence that organizations accurately represent their performance and in turn, executives require confidence that their S0X efforts are delivering both compliance and additional value.  


Protiviti’s professionals help companies establish effective internal control over financial reporting. Whether an organization is just getting started or has complied for years, Protiviti helps companies apply a top-down, risk-based approach, in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Commission’s interpretive guidance, to implement a cost-effective compliance process. Protiviti’s consultants help rationalize the critical risks, identify the key controls, develop a credible body of evidence supporting controls design and operating effectiveness, drive accountability for compliance throughout the organization, and coordinate the optimization of the attestation process under Auditing Standard No. 5.