Prepared for Privacy: Navigate the Regulatory Landscape with Data Governance

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Prepared for Privacy: Navigate the Regulatory Landscape with Data Governance

How can your organization unlock greater value and operational economies in its data? How can you prepare an agile plan for the rapidly expanding landscape of privacy and data protection regulations?

The common answer to both: Data Governance.

Join Protiviti experts as they discuss data governance approaches to bring unparalleled efficiencies to both compliance efforts and your organization’s data ecosystem. Following this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Simplify the understanding and communication of privacy requirements and their strategic fit with data governance

  • “Future proof” your organization against a swiftly evolving tapestry of uncertain and highly demanding data protection regulations

  • Unlock transformative value in your data with a strategic approach and appropriate tooling


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Paul Laurent
Associate Director
Paul Laurent is an Associate Director at Protiviti, leading the regional Privacy practice efforts out of Chicago. Paul’s background in law and enterprise architecture couples strategic anticipation of critical changes to policy and regulation with appropriate adjustments to technology architecture and operations. Paul’s previous experience includes development, implementation, and assurance of the Global EU-GDPR Compliance program for one the world’s largest mapping and location data services companies; he additionally directed Cybersecurity Strategy for multiple large business units in a decade long tenure at one of the world’s largest enterprise software vendors and cloud service providers.

Greg Walukanis
Greg Walukanis
Senior Manager
Greg Walukanisis an experienced Senior Manager within the Data & Analytics team with Protiviti. In his career, Greg has worked in several industries delivering solutions spanning from DB design, through systems integration, reporting solutions to Data Governance strategy. Currently Greg leads the Informatica-Protiviti global partnership where he focuses on Informatica Data Governance, MDM, and Data Privacy Management suite. In the past, Greg worked in multiple high-profile consulting firms with projects spanning across a number of Fortune 500 companies including a long term, high-profile international project, spending 2 years in Hong Kong, as well as Switzerland.

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