Webcast - China’s evolving Cybersecurity Law and what companies should know before operating in mainland China

China cybersecurity law
Webcast - China’s evolving Cybersecurity Law and what companies should know before operating in mainland China

What companies should know before operating in mainland China

In 2017 China’s Cybersecurity Law went into effect, marking an important milestone in China’s efforts to create strict guidelines on cyber governance. Over the past three years, numerous updates to the regulations and interpretations have been released making it increasingly difficult for organization to ensure compliance with the Law.

Furthermore, due to ambiguous requirements and broadly defined terminology, some enterprizes are concerned about the law’s potential impact on their operations in China, while others worry that it will create trade barriers to foreign companies in the Chinese market. Download the POVs which delves deeper into this topic.

During this webcast we will cover the following areas:

  1. Overview of the Cybersecurity Law and who it impacts
  2. Compliance obligations surrounding
    1. Personal Information Protection
    2. Critical Information Infrastructure
    3. Cross-Border Data Transfer
    4. Multi-Level Protection Scheme
  3. Compliance Challenges
  4. Legal Enforcement

Given these complex business relationships within the international market, the Cybersecurity Law will continue to have important political, economic, and technical implications for both domestic and multinational corporations.

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Managing Director

Michael is a Managing Director in the practice leader of the Greater China Technology Consulting and Digital Transformation solution. He is also member of the Financial Services Institution (FSI) practice. He possess 20 years of experience in advising top management on various strategic topics including cybersecurity, data privacy protection, IT strategy, IT organization transformation, IT risk, post-merger integration and operation improvement. Before joining Protiviti, Michael has taken key consulting roles at Boston Consulting Group, A.T. Kearney and Kodak Services for Business. 

George Zhang

George is a Manager in Protiviti Shanghai with over 10 years of experience on IT Security in China such as security architecture design, technical solution development, security incident investigation and response, security risk assessment, information security audit, etc. Prior to joining Protiviti, George was a Manager of IT Security and Risk Team in BMW Group China and Security Engineer in BESTSELLER Fashion Group China. 

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